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I've had a longstanding quasi-intellectual interest in suburbia. What's new is that I have a sudden interest in watching some movies, and I'm looking for some movies about suburbia. More specific criteria inside.

I've recently watched and/or read something about Dazed and Confused and the Sandlot, and I'm looking for movies like those. My criteria:

-Produced fairly recently (1990s to present).
-But set in the recent past (1950s to 1970s).
-Set in generic American suburbia. I don't care if it's set in a specific place (Dazed and Confused is set in Texas, for example), but the setting should be able to be changed without affecting the rest of the movie. Put another way, the geography should not be a star of the film.
-Shot on location.
-Featuring a soundtrack of period-appropriate popular music.

I would also prefer if it's not set in Chicago. I went through a Chicago film phase a few months ago, and I'm a little burnt out on that.

Off the top of my head, the Virgin Suicides meets my criteria. Dirty Dancing would, except it's set in a rural location instead of a suburban. Pulp Fiction would, but it's set in the present, not the time period I'm looking for. Goodfellas would, but it's more urban than I'd like, and it's pretty unique to NYC.

Beyond that, I'm open to anything. Actual quality is not important - I'm interested in mindless fluff as much as epic cinematic greatness. Thanks for your help.
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American Beauty and Revolutionary Road spring immediately to mind. (Both directed by Sam Mendes.)
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It Follows. And, of course, The 'Burbs.
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Suburban Gothic is another one. Not great by any stretch of the imagination, but it does have Punk Rock Girl on the soundtrack and a cameo by John Waters.
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Grosse Point Blank
Peggy Sue Got Married
Edward Scissor Hands
Serial Mom
Stepford Wives (not quite recent enough maybe)
Sex Lies and Video Tape
Valley Girl (maybe outside your time period)
The Burbs
(also more 80s than 70s)
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A Serious Man
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I came to suggest Grosse Pointe Blank, but here's a better list:
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The Ice Storm, made in 1997, set in suburban Connecticut in the 1970s.

Now and Then, made in 1995, set in Midwestern suburbs in 1970 (I've seen this movie hundreds of times and don't know exactly where offhand, so I'm going to assume it's generic enough for you).
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I guess Clerks (New Jersey), and Slacker (Austin TX) both fit the bill: suburban counter-culture, with period-appropriate (90s) soundtracks.
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Flipped, made 2010, set in the 1960's, filmed in various places in Michigan, including Ann Arbor.
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Far from Heaven (2002), set in 1950s suburban Connecticut.
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Fandango, set in the 70s, released in 1985.
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Corrina, Corrina

I thought of My Girl too, but I think it's more rural than suburban. But I haven't seen it in about 25 years, so I could be remembering it wrong!
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Not a film, but Freaks and Geeks is so close to what you're looking for I have to add it.
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Donnie Darko was made in 2001 but (I assume based on the music) that it's set in the 80s.
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Back to the Future
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Disturbing with Shia labeouf
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SubUrbia was made in 1996, but it has a certain timeless quality due to it being based on the experiences of its writer growing up in Massachusetts.
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Not a fiction film, sort of an experimental documentary Cul de Sac: A Suburban War Story is worth a look.

It might be tricky to find but Radiant City is fun - it is a sneaky & funny pseudo doc about suburbia.

Fukiyama's suggestion reminds me of another film with the same title... I know this one is from the 80's but I think it is good - Penelope Spheeris' Suburbia.
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Violates a couple of your criteria, but you might consider "Ordinary People."
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Cleveland, but... American Splendor? Also, if you have the stomach, Solondz' Welcome to the Dollhouse & Happiness.
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Missed the edit window-- the Solondz ones don't meet some criteria but... still. "Ring Dings, Pop Tarts, whatever! I can make Jell-O. " Dawn Wiener is my suburban everything.
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SubUrbia was made in 1996

Even thought the OP wants to avoid the 1980s, I'm compelled to recommend the real, true Suburbia by Penelope Spheris from 1984 (which inspired the song by the Pet Shop Boys).
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Virgin Suicides. I think the soundtrack is period-appropriate?
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Oh doh, I didn't read your question properly. I have end of the week at work brain.
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Would The Truman Show qualify?
Boogie Nights
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