This really is a lot of filo dough ...
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I've been given a large roll of good, organic filo dough - hit me with your best, simple, vegetarian filo-based recipes, hivemind.

Bonus points for recipes that kids under 5 are reasonably likely to eat and that I can make with less than an hour of prep.
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Look up recipes for vegetarian empanadas and fill little phyllo triangles with that. They're almost endlessly adaptable so you can subtract/add things you know your kids like. Hard not to please with a warm, cheesy, handheld comfort food.
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If your kids won't eat spanakopita, you can still use this methodology for pretty much any skillet meal: one-skillet spanakopita pot pie (skip the chicken or replace with mushrooms etc).

While I was looking for that recipe I ran across these yogurt and strawberry phyllo cups which I think kids could make a glorious mess eating.
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I've made that skillet spanakopita recipe recently. Can verify that it was delicious.

There's also always baklava, which is probably my favorite dessert.
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Baklava is time consuming but easy! And SOOOOO delicious. DO IT!
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Make a whole pan of baklava.
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Galaktoboureko. It is one of the most sinfully delicious things you have ever had in your life.
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I had some really good tofu "crab cakes" (basically tofu seasoned with crab cake seasoning) recently and I have been meaning to pick up some phyllo to make either tofu-crab-cake triangles or a spanikopita-like-substance. Basically, you season your tofu with Old Bay and red pepper flakes. I do not have a preferred recipe yet - I'm reading through various ones online - but my feeling is that I will use crumbled firm tofu, Old Bay, red pepper flakes, some nori, garlic and onion.
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Cherry turnovers. Blueberry turnovers. Peach turnovers. Apple turnovers.

And then baklava with any leftovers.
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From today's NYT: Phyllo Torte.
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Apfelstrudel: roll out dough, spread butter-fried breadcrumbs, cinnamon-coated apple chunks, rum-soaked raisins, crumbled walnuts and a bit of honey. Roll dough, brush on an egg, stick in some cloves, and bake for 20 minutes or until a little brown on top.
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Do your filo-butter-filo layers. As many as you like.

Take one of those ~4" wheels of brie or camembert and smash it until it's like 1/2"-3/4" thick.

Spread some good fruit preserves on top of it.

Wrap that mess in the filo.

Bake it for a while. 350? I dunno. Until it's brown and oozing a little out of the seams on top.

It's great hot, and it's great when it's cooled.
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Burek! Burek! Burek!
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Seconding galaktoboureko! The recipe linked above looks excellent, and you can also add orange zest to the syrup if you like orange flavor.

Tyropita is the cheese version of spanakopita and may be a bit friendlier to picky eaters. You can make it either in a baking pan as one big pie, or make lots of triangles and freeze half of the raw ones, as the blog I linked mentions, to pop in the oven when you have no time to cook.

I can also highly recommend making a phyllo-wrapped baked brie like this one. Raspberry preserves work well too.
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I was looking at the Post Punk Kitchen site to see if she has her spanakopita recipe online. She does not (it's in "Vegan with a Vengeance" if you can find a copy), but she does have a recipe for phyllo tempeh reubens. I haven't tried them, but in general, her recipes are great.
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Beoregs!. We make them much like this recipe, but we just make a big pan of them and then cut them into squares - we don't do the fancy triangles. Super good!
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Savoury/sweet Moroccan pastilla (usually made with chicken and almond filling) is absolutely delicious--here is a vegetarian version.
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Baklava is not actually all that time consuming if you do it the right way. I can slap one together in probably ten minutes or less. It does bake for over an hour, but it's not like that involves actual work on your part.

Don't tell anyone I told you this. Just let them continue to believe that baklava is the painstaking result of hours of labor.
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Kolokythopita- Savory squash pie
Galaktoboureko- Semolina custard pie
Tyropita and Tyropitakia- Greek cheese pies
Saragli- Individual baklavas
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On an episode of Martha Bakes, she made this amazing-looking/sounding Ruffled Milk Pie, that uses a bajillion phyllo sheets.
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This was recently in the NY Times.
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Another super easy peasy way to use filo is to take any stew-type or chilli recipe you like and put it in a dish. Brush filo sheets with butter and scrumple into a ball, arrange these all over the top and bake to make a crispy and interesting "pie" topping.
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