NYC Happenings Memorial Day Weekend
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Anything unusual and rare happening Memorial Day weekend in NYC that I wouldn't want to miss?

On a whim, Mrs dis_integration and I are going to be spending Memorial Day weekend in NYC. I'm pretty familiar with the city, from an upstater's standpoint, and will be meeting with friends who live in BK, so don't need any general "what to do in NYC" advice. I'm wondering instead if there's any interesting and unusual stuff going on Memorial Day Weekend that would be great to participate in. We're not so into live music, but does anyone know of other sorts of art exhibitions, poetry readings, small run plays or performances that are coming up for that weekend that would be great to see (and also that one could get into on such short notice).

To help narrow matters down a bit, a couple years ago I was in Brooklyn on a similar whim and chanced upon Kara Walker's A Subtlety art installation. It was amazing, a once in a life-time kind of thing, and not the kind of thing I would've easily known about if I didn't happen to run into a friend who was on his way there. Anything else happening now that won't ever be happening again in NYC?
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Fleet Week
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It's probably not an exhaustive list, but here is Time Out New York's Events calendar for Memorial Day. Turns out we actually have four parades that weekend (I didn't even know that).

I note, though, that Kara Walker's work wasn't necessarily a Memorial Day thing, because that was up for several months. You may want to expand your search to just "unusual stuff going on".

But Fleet Week is fun (even though your involvement will most likely be confined to maybe getting on board some ships that may be hanging around, if they're open to the public, or seeing a whole bunch of guys in dress whites running around).

Also, that weekend is when Governors Island opens for the season. You can only get there by ferry; there are a few different places to catch the ferry in Manhattan or Brooklyn, and the ferry is only a few bucks. When you get out there, there's a TON of stuff to do - there's some exhibits going on in one section, as well as some little pop-up shops, and then there's a concert on Sunday, and you can rent bikes and check out all the historic forts and the educational farm (including goats and chickens) and hit up the the food trucks or play mini golf or just find a nice spot to take in some great views.
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BAM has a Dance Africa festival every year on Memorial day weekend, and even if you don't go to any of the performances, there is a wonderful African crafts bazaar on the surrounding streets.
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Went to Dance Africa, had an amazing time. Thanks!
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