What kind of doctor do I need in Charlotte, NC?
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What kind of doctor should I seek as a new patient for a knee injury? Any recommendations for good ones.

I've done my best to comb through previous posts, but there are many so my apologies if I've missed a similar question.

I recently moved to Charlotte, NC and did *something* to my knee and I need to see a doctor. I'm 28 years old, generally healthy, and I already have a gyno who I do basic health stuff with.

Do I need to find a primary care provider, or do I just jump to a sports doctor? Should I go to an internist or a pcp? When I call for the appointment do I say I'm coming in for an annual or for my knee? Once I know what kind of doctor I need I plan on looking someone up on ratemds.com .

If you'd like to give personal recommendations I'm looking for someone near-ish uptown though something on Randolph Road would be great. I have Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Thank you in advance!
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Whether you go to a PCP or go seek out a sports doctor/orthopedic surgeon directly depends on your insurance plan. You may need a referral from your pcp (and your gyno may be able to do it) to see a specialist.
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Ortho Carolina is the best practice in town and I'm pretty sure is in network for BCBS. Their main office is on Randolph near Presbyterian Hospital and they offer physical therapy at offices all over town.

I'd suggest you see if your plan includes access to the 24 hour nurse referral line - I've found them to be very nice and helpful in figuring out what kind of care to get.

Good luck! Memail me if I can help further.
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Thank you for the suggestions. I was able to get an appointment today at Ortho Carolina and I didn't need to be referred by a PCP. I got a some x rays, a diagnosis, a brace and some suggestions for different exercises.
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