Poisonous silk flowers
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I've got a 4" tall blue poison bottle not unlike this one that I think would look quite nice as a bud vase. I'd quite like the flower to be poisonous but - because I have 3 cats and a black thumb - I want it in silk. So, I'm looking for recommendations for a poisonous flower that's small enough to go in a bud vase, and which I can get as a fake flower. Easy, huh? :)
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You can spray paint most types of those fake/silk flowers....we made cheap black roses for a vampire themed murder mystery dinner back in college.
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(White) Oleander?
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For something that small, I'd say maybe lily of the valley.
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Do you need the flower specifically to be poisonous? Or just some part of the plant?

I think that foxglove (many of which are a source for digitalis) might overwhelm your little vase, but maybe an opium poppy?
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Yep, silk lily of the valley, a nice small spray. Easy to find because they're popular as part of wedding kit. Comes with bonus Breaking Bad pop culture reference.
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