Road trip stop along I-84, I-81, Scranton - ish area, en route to DC
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Part of an upcoming weekend trip will involve us leaving the Poconos area in PA off 84 (around Lake Wallenpaupack, PA) in the evening, stopping overnight somewhere nearby-ish. The direction we eventually want to head generally speaking is making our way west, then south on 81, towards MD/DC. Suggestions where to stop and stay along, perhaps in the Scranton + Wilkes barre area?

We're willing to drive a little further south along I-81 at night if there's anything worth stopping for. We have the next day just for a relaxed drive home to DC. Our idea of interesting is broad - a nice dinner would be great, other than that we are open to anything more interesting than a comfort inn along a random freeway. casino resort? quiet inn on a lake? we'll consider it all. We just have zero familiarity with this area, including no clue what Scranton, Wilkes-Barre, or any towns in the area are like. Thanks for any tips you can share!
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I'm from that area! Some ideas:

Powerhouse -

Sibio's -

Nello's Pizza - I am in love with this pizza. They serve hoagies and a few other dishes but goodness gracious I love their pizza and am sad that I live 2400 miles away from it. It's not fancy at all but food is yum.

Bear Creek Cafe - Yummy breakfasts and lunches and such a picturesque setting with a to die for little shop. Across from Bear Creek Cafe is the Bischwind B&B. I have never stayed there but have heard great things.

Something kind of weird but fascinating to do - Houdini Museum. Kinda corny but I dunno - I loved it.

I really could go on and on. This is where my heart is. Drop me a mefimail if you're so inclined.
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Sibio's is good. Old Forge bills itself as the pizza capitol, and there are a couple of really good places there. The Radisson in Scranton is in the old train station, and it's nice enough in there. There's a coal mine tour in Scranton, where you go down into what used to be a working mine. It's worth seeing, but the guide won't take too kindly to questions about how horrid the conditions were (or didn't when i was on the tour). I'd stay out of Wilkes-Barre, but I have a fondness for Scranton (significant otter is from there; go there often).

Becky's Drive-In in Berlinsville is open on weekends right now, and it's a darn fine drive-in, well worth stopping by on your way further south. It's about halfway between where you'll be and Allentown.
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Steamtown National Historic Site provides some fascinating historical insight into the region.
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Scranton/Wilkes-Barre has a minor league baseball team, which right now is a Yankees affiliate. If it's a nice night, a minor league game is great way so spend a summer evening. (Other cities along the way do too - Harrisburg PA has a really nice park on an island.)

Also, not sure if you've done the drive before, but Rte 15 is a scenic (slower) alternative to I-81.
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