Can you identify this movie from the sixties or early seventies?
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It may have been around 1969 when I saw this movie. I remember it as a realistic, set-in-the-present, "new hollywood" style of movie (easy rider, two-lane blacktop) and for some reason it's stayed in my head. Anyway the few specifics I remember are...

It took place in the American southwest, somewhere arid. I don't remember it being genre-y, like a beach or motorcycle flick. Now here is the one thing I remember, and what will probably determine if this question gets answered:

One of the characters makes or carves faces of people, and installs them up on a nearby mountain, or maybe just a hill. I seem to remember just faces or heads, not busts, and I think that they were of people the sculptor admired. Towards the end of the movie the carver is up on the hill with a maybe younger friend of his, and it is revealed that he has added a new face, that of someone who meant something to the younger friend.

And that's all I got. But I figure that that's specific enough that you'll either know the movie or not. And hopefully the title.
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I can't go through 'em all, but here's an IMDB keyword search for "sculptor" from 1965-1975. Anything look promising?
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Best answer: Red Sky at Morning
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I haven't seen the movie but yes, it's Red Sky. One of my favorite books.
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This is not the answer, but there is a vaguely similar scene towards the end of Robert Altman's '3 Women'.
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Response by poster: Well this looks answered, so I'll mark it so, though I wish I could see it (Red Sky) and make sure. It looks like it's available exactly nowhere, in no format. What a shame. Thanks, all.
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Red Sky at Morning Seems to be available as a DVD.
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Response by poster: O ya? I was just on a wild goose chase over at youtube and popped back here just as yr comment came in. I'll look into that.

On ImDB, a lot of people seem to have pretty fond recollections of it.
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