Move files to folders with same number in name
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I have several hundred files and folders who don't share names, but do share numbers. I'm looking for an automated solution to put the files in the folders that share the same numbers. Windows 7.

For sake of example, let's say I have the following folders/directories:

apple01 (abc)
apple02 (def)
apple03 (ghi)
apple04 (jkl)
apple05 (mno)

and I have the following files in the same root directory as the folders above.


the end result is having redDelicious01.jpeg in apple01 (abc), redDelicious02.jpeg in apple02 (def), and so on.

I feel like there must be a way to automate this other then dragging each file to each folder one by one. Any ideas?
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I don't think this is perfect, but it may give you a start:
for %a in (01 02 03 04 05) do cmd /c (for /D %b in (apple%a*) do move redDelicious%a.* %b)

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I'm lazy so I use a utility called DropIt for this.
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You can search a folder (and all the subfolders) for the "01" files by using the little search box in the file explorer window and typing an asterisk before the 01. If the number is relatively unique or you can further make sure you've just isolated the files you need by sorting by name or date it's not too long a process to find and drag files to the proper folder. If I had hundreds of folders it might be a pain, but if it's more like hundreds of files but only a dozen or less folders this would be very quick.
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You could do this in SSIS with a File System Task, a Foreach Loop Enumerator, and some variables.
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