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I am building a Sunday jazz playlist that involves some old standards during the 1930s and 1940s. So, big band and swing. But I am leaning more towards something, er, softer.
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Sarah Vaughan - Black Coffee (or really anything by Sarah Vaughan!)
Billie Holiday - All of Me (or really anything by Billie Holiday!)
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I've also been on a Madeleine Peyroux kick, which might work for you, too. Dance Me to the End of Love
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Anything off the Paris 1945 album which had Glen Miller's Air Force band backing Django Reinhardt

Version of Sentimental Journey Would fit the theme, could with long long time they where defacto end of war themes. (I pefer the les Paul/Bing Crosby version of long long time but I'm more guitar based than usual, it is softer)

Rumors are flying has a nice lilting ballad quality, the Andrew sisters cover is the most cooing, number one hit in 46!

Moon glow and caravan are soft 30s era standards that may help you bring songs
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Also, the quintessential forgotten ww2 era hit, My Buddy
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Also "Have you ever seen a dream walking" nice little trilling background music
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Al Bowlly (singer) and/or Ray Noble (orchestra) are quite lovely. If you're in a random mood, Radio Dismuke is a little earlier (1920s-1930s vs 1930s-1940s) but I fits the bill, and they stream 24/7.
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You may like to try Chet Baker Sings, and late Billie Holiday. I like the Lady In Autumn compilation.
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Nancy Wilson, Satin Doll.
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I'd do a three bit of Afraid To Dream then Beyond the Sea than a big bold Wonderland by night finishing with something small like "I'm Old Fashioned" or Kay Kyser on a Slow Boat To China
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@lazuli Yes to Billie Holiday! I love her so much and I've already included All of Me, I'll Be Seeing You, It Had to Be You, and These Foolish Things. I like Madeleine Peyroux as well as she sounds so much like Holiday. Her Cohen cover is one of my favourites, although for this particular playlist I chose The Summer Wind. As for Sarah Vaughan, I picked I'm in the Mood For Love and The Man I Love.

@The Whelk I've been thinking about Paris 1945, but might create a separate playlist for it, Django and Stephane Grappelli perhaps, together with Brubeck and Bill Evans. For Sentimental Journey, I like this arrangement with Doris Day. There's another one with louder and bigger horns, which is also good but does not fit what I'm currently looking for. Went with Doris Day again for Moonglow.

@usonian Thanks! I found a clearer audio version of this (creepy The Shining vid aside).

And because I'm a Sinatra girl, I also included Glad to Be Unhappy and One for My Baby (this in particular will be the last song in the playlist).

Sorry to hijack this, but thought I'd reply with my choices just in case it helps narrow down the suggestions :)

What do we call these kinds of songs/music exactly? Saloon songs? Foxtrot?
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As for what to call them, they're a subset of jazz standards. I guess you could categorize them as vocal swing standards.

ETA: "Vocal" because you cite mostly arrangements with a vocalist.
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