Hard lumps under the skin
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Hi! So first of all let me preface this by saying I do NOT think I have cancer.

I've been getting these little weird lumps for keys. Basically every few months I seem to develop a hard lump seemingly under the skin of my face. The lump is pretty small but it's amazing how noticeable even a small lump under the skin of your face can be! I can roll it around with two fingers, indeed, it's hard not to. The lumps aren't really squeezable (disgusting, huh?) and they change character and mostly fade away after weeks and weeks to leave usually a bit of slightly rougher slightly darker skin where they've been. My question is what are these rascals and how can I avoid them? And if I get one how can I get rid??

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It sounds like it could be a type of cystic pimple. The darker skin left behind would then be post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation.

The subreddit "skincareaddiction" might be helpful.
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Yeah, cystic acne. It can fluctuate with hormones, and yes, men have hormone fluctuations too. You can't really do much about this, except not inflaming the skin around the spots (leading to infection and puss and yuck). You can see a dermatologist if you have access to one and they will be able to figure out options for treatment that are suited to your particular biological factors, and a more specific diagnosis.
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Yeah, sounds like a little cyst. Sounds like yours go away. I had one that stuck around for months (years?) and a dermatologist was able to open it up for me and it went away.
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