Looking for an inexpensive dual-channel amp for busking
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I am about to get my busking license from the MBTA. I would like to get a small dual-channel amp for public performance. I'm working with a budget of $150 or less. The Roland Cube Micro looked appealing, but I couldn't tell if it would let me plug in a mic and the pickup for my ukulele. Help?
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The Micro Cube doesn't have a mic input. The following battery-powered amps have mic and instrument inputs with individual level controls:

Roland Mobile Cube
Vox MINI3 G2
Fender Passport Mini
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I'd probably go with a two-channel amp like this Fender. The cube doesn't seem to have two inputs, although it has that aux input I guess.
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Seconding the Roland Mobile Cube, it would seem to be exactly what you seek. (I own one for home use, never busked, though).

(I also strongly recommend fresh batteries or the correct power supply, as mentioned in Amazon reviews).
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