Copy of newspaper with Gatsby review
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I'm searching for a copy of the New York World from April 1925 that includes the review of The Great Gatsby entitled "F. SCOTT FITZGERALD’S LATEST A DUD".

AS far as I can tell, the newspaper hasn't been digitized for those dates. I'm looking for a quality PDF or print out, or better, an actual copy I can purchase. Help!
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I wonder if you could get someone at the NY Historical Society to do it for you. You can call their Department of Rights and Reproductions at 1-(212)-873-3400, extension 282.

The NY State Library has access to a bunch of newspaper databases but without a card its hard for me to see if they have the World.
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I once got a PDF of an article from the World from the New York Public Library. I used their chat function to request it and they emailed it to me.
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Do you have access to a library? Talk to a librarian and see about doing an inter-library loan. It looks like at least two libraries have copies on microfilm of the years you need.

Make sure your library has a microfilm viewer or scanner.
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