Looking for Muzaky instrumentals
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Hi all -- I'm looking for instrumental music that has a kind of Muzaky, stimulus progression work vibe to it -- bureaucratic is good. Retro, too. Something along the lines of The Dust Brothers' "Corporate World" from the Fight Club soundtrack. Thank you in advance for your help.
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You might check out the stuff released by Ghostbox. It has a very distinct sensibility described by wikipedia as "parallel world of TV soundtracks, 60s and 70s horror movies, vintage electronic music, folk song, English psychedelia, supernatural stories and folklore." 70's library music is a big influence on the sound so a lot of it has that retro-esque, bureaucratic feel to it, as if it might be the sound track to a corporate training film from the 1970's (whose headquarters were rumored to be a front for occult experimentation).
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Ping Island Strike from The Life Aquatic has a similar sort of feel in some ways, though it's more upbeat.
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Why use the fake stuff when you can mainline the real thing?

Get thee to Seeburg1000.com. And if that isn't working, there are plenty of Seeburg Background Music rips on YouTube. You'll want the "Industrial" series of records.
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I like SomaFM's Secret Agent. If you want more authentic, SomaFM's Illinois Street Lounge does it.
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Red Snapper's instrumental stuff reminds me of your example track.
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Electronic lounge music, sounds like?

9 Lazy 9: No 9
David Holmes: Car Showroom
Visioneers: Smoker
Arling & Cameron: Sunday
Damon Albarn: Closet Romantic
Thievery Corporation: Samba Tranquille

Other artists that are a little retro, might not be the vibe you are looking for:
The Dining Rooms
Mr. Scruff

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