What's the status of the Ryungyong Hotel?
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Just like it says in the title: I'm wondering what the status is of the Ryungyong Hotel in Pyongyang, North Korea.

I know building began in 1987, stopped in 1992, re-started in 2008, and was to be completed by 2011. They missed that 2011 date as well as a subsequent 2013 goal, but at least from photos I've found online, the exterior looks complete as of mid-2015.

But what about the interior? And when --- if ever! --- is it likely to be ready for occupancy? Are they even currently working on it, or has all construction stopped yet again? Is it as 'complete' as it's ever likely to get, just a pretty shell on the skyline?

(I've got a small bet with a coworker: I say it's unoccupied and the interior entirely unfinished; he says he's read that a section or two of the interior are in use, with some but not all areas unfinished.)
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Best answer: As of a few months ago, it's still pretty much just a shell.
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Best answer: Obviously reliable information about it is difficult to come by so we are stuck relying on rumors.

One rumor is that the concrete that was used to build it was substandard and as a result the structure overall isn't totally safe. It stands on its own but if it gets loaded up with people and furniture and plumbing and carpets and internal partitions and everything else a building like that needs it might have a structural failure.
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Best answer: By the way, another part of that same rumor is that it can't be fixed.
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The rumor is that the core is so bad that it can never be fully occupied. NKnews.org recently had a photo with two floors being light up consistently, so it seems at least some room has something going on. I personally know one guy who was at the top and I was invited to go up there but it had to be cancelled (most likely due to elevator issues).
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