Is shaving your legs difficult?
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Is shaving your legs as difficult and time-consuming for everyone else as it is for me? I'm asking because I'm curious to understand other peoples' experiences relative to mine.

I know this seems like a silly question, but I need to know. I find shaving my legs to be an extremely time-consuming and difficult process; most of the time when I do it I find that I did such an incompetent job it looks like I didn't do anything at all. Note that I am not looking for advice in this regard. I am otherwise pretty good at doing stuff in general, so I think that if I find this very difficult it can't be that I just am not performing this simple task correctly. Or can it? But it might matter that the hair on my legs is very blonde.

I'm wondering if this is something everyone who shaves their legs goes through this regularly. I would like to understand the average time and effort involved in this task relative to how many people engage in it.
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I think it's because of the blondeness. With very dark hair it's more obvious.
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I use a old fashioned razor and it takes me <10 minutes
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Nope, takes me ten minutes, and I do it in the shower once a week. It helps that my (dark) hair is fine and sparse after years of waxing, but mostly it's just practise. and decent shave cream.
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My leg hair is very light and blonde; you can't see it unless it gets REALLY long or in natural light when the sun glints off it just so. It's super hard to shave! I usually just use some kind of thick shave cream/gel that stays put so I can tell where I've already shaved, and do both calves/knees first, and then thighs so I can keep track of what I've shaved. I always miss a bunch though, it's just inevitable trying to shave something invisible. Luckily, it really doesn't matter, because it's hard to see!

It probably takes me about twenty minutes to shave both legs, and I only do it every month or so since my hair is so light.
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I do a thorough shave once a week, which takes about 4-6 minutes, 2-3 per leg. Then through the week, weekday mornings when I'm getting ready for work, I kind of do a half-ass swipe shave with the razor, maybe 15-30 seconds per leg, when I'm taking a shower.

My leg hair is light and I'm also blind (don't wear contacts or glasses in the shower).
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Well, I'm probably an anomaly, but to share my data point - I'm also blonde (from about mid-calf up) and the hair on my legs is not terribly thick so I shave below-the-knees about 2x/week and I don't shave above the knees (it's near invisible there). If I've been on top of shaving, I just do one series of upward strokes, with shaving cream to help me "see" it, and nothing else; if it's been longer, I go 2 directions. Takes ~2 minutes.

It helps that I mostly shave for the smooth feel - I really could not care less about people seeing that I grow hair there - so a missed spot or stubble isn't a huge deal to me.
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Two-three minutes in the shower (am nearsighted)! With a (new) Venus or other four-blade razor with one of those pivoting heads that follows natural curves (less risk of taking a slice out of my shin). Ten or more minutes if I'm stuck with a crappy razor with 1 or 2 blades; much greater risk of bloodletting.

I feel my way through it (shave with dominant hand, feel for targets with the other). Feel, shave; feel; shave. I can do it with my eyes closed (with the right razor! Only! Spend on the razor!)

Gillette Mach 3 or 4 or whatever is the exact same thing as Venus and a bit cheaper. There are some razors with more handle around the blade, a greater surface area - that means more missed sections for me (if I'm in a rush).

I do it a few times a week (I have dark hair and swim). No, it's not an inconvenience for me at all. With the right razor. I use one new razor every couple of weeks, that's what I count as "new". When things start getting choppy or missed, time to bring another one out.
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I shave my legs maybe three times a week. I do it in the shower -- takes me a couple of minutes per leg and it looks fine. I usually just use a moisturizing soap like Dove and a Venus razor. I have dark hair.
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It was annoying and not-long-lasting enough for me (coarse, dark hair) that I gave up on it altogether. I could generally get every spot (at least on my lower legs; thighs required some contortion) but it got stubbly in 24 hours and I needed a new razor almost each time.
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Guiltily fessing up as taking all of 2 minutes to shave my legs, as very little grows on my thighs (so I don't bother), and the calves' hair growth is very fine light brown. I memorized how many strokes it takes per calf-side, and swoosh-swoosh-shoosh round the left-outer, left inner, right-outer, and right-inner. I do it 2-3x a week with a Venus 3. For the record, during my first conversation about body hair, my high school gal pals all slowly turned to me in horror and collectively called me "the hairless wonder". As a result, this is only the second time I have volunteered information about my process.
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It takes me a long time. I always run out of hot water. I don't know why. I have a lot of ingrown leg hairs and I think I just have difficult skin. It's like a 10 minute job per leg. Aint nobody got time for that. I greatly prefer getting them waxed at the salon.
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It takes me a couple of minutes in the shower. I shave daily (dark coarse hair) and go up to just above my knee. I usually use soap, but now and then Lush's very nice D'Fluff, and a Schick Quattro which hangs in my shower. Like cotton dress sock, I go by feel, using my dominant right hand to shave and my left to detect stubble.
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I do it every day (or every shower, which is usually every day) and it takes about two minutes. I'm blonde fwiw. However, I focus on my calves, knees, and front thighs, and I care more about the lower than upper part, so it's probably not perfect.
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Takes only a couple of minutes maximum & I shave every day, mostly half leg, double that for bikini wearing times. I use these razors. They cost more but man they make shaving so much easier for me as I don't have to lather up first, they have safety wires so I don't cut myself I can just zoom these babies over my legs & be done. Due to their size they suck for shaving armpit hairs or anything with crevasses but for legs work great. Also buy them way cheaper at a wholesale store like Sams. One box lasts me a year.

For a reference, I am very hairy, & have to pluck various facial hairs daily. I will actually dermaplane/shave parts of my face to remove excess facial hair too, with a different razor of course & use depilatory cream on my face 2 times a week to keep my mustache under control.
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Shaving my legs is enough of a pain in the ass for me that I also completely stopped. I haven't shaved in months and it's awesome.
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When I was young I used crappy Bic one- or two-bladed razors and it took me a long time, plus gave me mega razor burn. Now that I buy my own razors, I buy nicer ones. Venus or the male version, not even the swanky self-moisturizing ones, and that has cut the time down significantly. One pass and it's done, move to the next section.

I shave below the knees and the bikini area every two days, and it takes maybe 2 minutes per leg. Hair on my upper outer thighs is fine and blond, and I just don't shave that area anymore.
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I had a real tough time until I started using one of those shick intuition razors with the soap bit built right into the head of the razor. Stupid fucking idea if you want to save money, but great fucking idea if you just want to be able to shave your legs with relative ease.

Never going back.
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I shave my legs pretty rarely these days because I live in a cold weather climate, so for like 10 months of the year I'm in pants and it doesn't matter and it's not worth the effort.

When I do however, it does take me about 10 minutes/leg. And that's why I mostly don't bother with it any more because who has time for that?
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Beaten to the punch by wwax! I'm glad I'm not alone in finding them game-changers.
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I use an electric razor and it takes ages (30 minutes plus for both lower legs, at an estimate - I really don't do it often as I don't often go bare-legged). But I do also have a Yeti-like amount of sturdy, dark leg hair - at least below the knee. I think I might try wet-shaving after reading some of these answers.
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I hate shaving my legs and only do it every few months/as needed if I have to wear a short skirt or bathing suit or something in public.

I find it time consuming, because I only like to shave in the bath, and I like to take my time and do a good job rather than rushing. I agree, though, the actual shaving part only takes about ten minutes.

A high-quality razor and good shaving cream/lotion help a lot, in my experience. Don't cheap out and buy poor quality products or assume you can just lather up with bar soap.
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I don't like shaving my legs but I spend months at a time in shorts and skirts, so. I mail-order razors from Dorco (the Pace 4) and I swear that this shave cream from Cremo (I buy it at Target) is the best thing ever. I don't need to moisturize after shaving now.

I buy men's shaving stuff because it's at least as good and half the price of women's shave stuff.
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I just do knees down. Whenever I remember. With a months old razor. With whatever soap/shampoo that happens to be in my hand. It takes about one minute per leg.
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I have blonde leg hair as well and have always hated shaving my legs. In the summer, I do it if I'm planning on wearing shorts or swimwear that day (but can easily go 2-3 days between shaves even if that's the case), in the winter I can easily go a month or two before I even think about it. But I'm a pants-year-round kinda gal. One thing I do that is totally against conventional wisdom is use the same razor forever. Like I'm using a Venus disposable that I got free in the mail, and I'm probably been using it for at least a year by this point. Whenever I use a fresh one, I cut the hell out of myself, and I imagine that because my hair is so fine it just doesn't dull the blades very quickly. If you find you hate shaving because of too frequent bloodletting, maybe try using your razor way longer than you think is possible.
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I have super dark leg hair and very sensitive skin, so I use an electric razor, every other day-ish. It's not perfect, but I kept getting ingrown hairs and serious itch whenever I used a fancy razor like the Venus, and I nicked my legs six ways to Sunday (with extra razor burn) if I used anything less fancy and disposable. Still takes 5-10 minutes per leg.

So, electric razor on lower legs and knees, thighs if I'm planning to wear a swimsuit. It's not perfect, but it looks good enough. Nobody's commented on it (or the fact that I never ever shave my armpits; the skin's way too sensitive there), and I wear a lot of dresses and skirts in the summer. Even if they did comment, I probably wouldn't change it up, it's a system that works well enough for me.
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I would like to understand the average time and effort involved in this task relative to how many people engage in it.

*groans at what I'm about to admit* So I once measured my legs and literally did the math. I've got 3+ feet* of leg from my ankle to where I stop shaving on my upper leg, and then I did some circumference measurements. . . I don't remember what the total area was, but anyway, it makes me feel a lot better to think about it mathematically, as in "Just linearly, I've got 6 feet of skin (both legs) to shave with a 1.5 inch razor, which I then have to repeat multiple times, and that doesn't even count the weird angles about knees and ankles, so no wonder it takes me so long!"

I've got blond hair, too, so I find it difficult to make sure I got everything, especially around my knees, so I also repeat a lot of area. It takes ~10 minutes each leg if I do a GOOD job. I only do that about once a week; in the winter I don't shave at all, in the summer I may only shave to my shorts tan line or just above the knee the rest of the time.

One thing I do do, though, is sometimes shave with baby oil and a razor instead of taking time in the shower to do it. For no other reason than I hate wasting water.

*I'm tallish.
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I shave every other day or so, with a Venus razor that I change out every month-ish. If hairs are getting left behind, your razor isn't sharp enough. I go against the direction of growth and then slide the razor back down to clear out the hair (it's faster than rinsing every stroke). It takes me maybe 5 minutes.
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Wow, I clock in at a minute or less a leg. What are you 10 minuters doing all that time?? Not sure I could even drag it out that long if I wanted to.
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Blonde here. I used an old fashioned razor and shaving cream in the shower. It takes about 5-10 minutes once a week.
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Why did I stop shaving my legs, lo these many years ago? Was it about queerness? Was it about gender presentation? Was it about boldly waving a hairy leg in the face of the man? Reader, it was not. It was because it took for fucking ever, resulted in blood virtually every time, always involved some missed hairs and lasted about eight hours until I could see tiny stubble dots coming back in.

Delicate skin, lavish dark hair here. I often wonder if my life would have been different if I had lighter, finer leg hair, since feeling gross and fail-y because I always had cuts and stubble definitely led me toward various kinds of gender and social non-conformity as well as shame and depression.
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I do it inconsistently, but I use men's shaving foam because it's more visible than any of the various gels, and it's really cheap. That makes it go faster. Waiting until last thing in the shower so my hair is softer (my theory) and using frequently-replaced Venus razors makes it successful in that I don't cut myself too much and I don't get razorburn. Full disclosure: I take like 5 minute showers, so anything that adds to that is excruciating.
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I only ever shaved from the knees down - above the knee it's very blonde so i just don't care who sees it. But I still hated doing it enough to try every sadistic hair-removing method or machine that I could find, hoping to never do it again. I don't think it took me more than 2-3 minutes a leg, but it was just so annoying and thankless - and that's when I didn't cut myself.

About 15 years ago I got my legs lasered (still just from the knee down) and have never shaved since.

It was worth every penny. Fuck shaving.
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I have transparent scanty hairs, shave irregularly and only to the knee. I use a conditioner my hair dint like for lube, and a "disposable" razor I've had for years. Don't hold the razor by the handle but in a pinch grip right behind the head for close control. I shave in "squares" cos I can't seen what's happening, with foot on the bath after a shower. There's usually some missed bits and sometimes a cut on me ankle if I do it too fast. To the extent that I care, it's easy and not an inconvenience.
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I just do knees down. Whenever I remember. With a months old razor. With whatever soap/shampoo that happens to be in my hand. It takes about one minute per leg.

This is basically me. I only shave maybe mid-May through mid-September. I have gorilla legs so the first shave of the season looks like I strangled a kitten in the tub and takes forever but after that it's zipzipzip.
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Joining the "not difficult" crowd. I have dark hair and lightish skin, and I only shave from the knees down, kinda haphazardly. I use a cheap two-bladed disposable razor and regular soap. Takes about 1.5 to 2 minutes per leg.
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Yeah it definitely takes me well under five minutes for both legs, and that's only if I'm shaving my entire leg (knees down is like...a minute each??) I also have light blond hair that's only visible in like, certain sun angles, so it's a tactile thing for me (I hate the way it feels against my cheapo polyester blend slacks).
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Some of these answers are blowing my mind. Ten minutes!

When I was in high school my boyfriend's cousin told me she shaved her legs every single day because then if she did a shitty job it didn't matter, because she'd hit the spot again tomorrow. Total game changer that has stuck with me for over twenty years. I do a shitty 45 second job of it almost every day and generally my legs feel nice and smooth all the time.
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Wow this is something I have literally never thought about. It takes less than one minute per leg, in the shower, with whatever soap is at hand and a decent razor... Venus or whatever with 4 blades; not a cheap one. I guess I do the knee and a smidge above but not much.

Of all the required elements of female body upkeep, this one doesn't even crack the top 20 most troublesome... maybe I'm doing a half assed job?
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I do up to knees, probably 1 minute per leg, twice a week. I might not do a perfect job but I don't look too closely. I probably stop a tree times per leg to let the water rinse the razor a bit.
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Nthing phunniemee who said it way more eloquently than I ever could. Intuition Razors. You can find a good deal on them at Costco.

I have a tiny shower with a perilous foot rest situation and if it wasn't for Intuition, I'd be out of luck.
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My husband's electric razor has a trimmer built in, so I started using that when I go too long between shaves. Then I use an intuition razor in the shower. You would think it would take a long time to basically shave twice, but it actually makes it much quicker because I'm avoiding clogging up my razor with long leg hair. It definitely used to take me more than 10 minutes before I started doing it this way, now maybe 3ish for both full legs.
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Maybe 5 to 6 minutes total? Blonde hair, don't care (thighs, anyway!)

Infrequent (only special occasions or summer.) I only do to just above the knees, use a disposable 3 to 4 blade razor, I do not try to reuse the blade too much - easier to use a multi blade disposable from the dollar store and chuck it after 2 uses, rather than a slower shave!

I use soap - it IS hard to keep track - using a new blade means I can swish up and down faster and won't cut myself. Otherwise would take sooooo long with blonde hair.

My husband has a subscription to fancy razors, I don't bother.
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Who are you people that can shave your legs in 2-3 minutes?!? I take probably 15 minutes to do the whole leg for each of them. Cut that in half if I'm just shaving below the knee.

I use a nice razor but I also use it for 4-5 months until its not working as well anymore. I also use shaving cream to cut down on the razor burn and also see where I've shaved (no contacts or glasses in the shower and I am sooooo blind).

My hair is dark below the knee but blond at and above the knee and I miss this most hair in those areas.
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Oh and I shave about once a week.
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It doesn't take me long, maybe a minute or two per leg. Usually only knees down. I use Dorco Pace 4 razors and whatever shampoo/conditioner/shower gel I have around (currently using D'Fluff, which smells pretty).

Once, though, I found several scraggly half-inch long hairs on the backs of my knees, so I might not be doing the most thorough job.
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Oh, and to make sure I don't miss any spots (I don't think I've seen this mentioned yet), as I'm shaving with my right hand I run my left hand up behind it. I'm able to line up the next shave track to overlap a bit and any spiky spots are immediately found out. It works pretty well as a system.
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Who are you people that can shave your legs in 2-3 minutes?!?

I mean, I have very little hair on my legs, and no more than centimeter stubs if I shave with any regularity.
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Yes, it's extremely difficult and time consuming. It takes me more than 10 minutes per leg for sure, and that doesn't include if I want to do my bikini line.

But I have very thick and dense hair. I have to make sure I've gone over my legs so well that I didn't miss a single hair because it will show. If you have thinner hair it's not glaringly obvious.

Also, the hair growth is visible again in less than 24hours (like a man's beard) so if I want to show my legs in any situation I have to make sure I have shaved within a few hours of that situation. I also always get very itchy legs and little red bumps (that aren't ingrown hairs) a few days after so I have to wait until the red bumps heal before I can attempt to shave again.
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Also Nthing that in my mid 40's + intermittent waxing when I was younger = less hair on lower legs than in my 20's.
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Dark hair, I use Gillette fusion because it's the best. I take out the conditioner strip because my legs are very sensitive. It takes about 10-15 minutes for both legs and I lotion immediately with cocoa butter because my legs are so sensitive. I use a numi frankincense & myrrh soap because I like the smell. I shave maybe about once a week give or take, unless I'm wearing shorts.
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I spend about 40 seconds per leg. I am absolutely not particular about getting every hair, just move super-quickly, using Dr. Bronners or whatever I have handy. I use Dollar Shave Club razors, and its all a very quick painless process. I have pretty light hair and medium-toned skin, and don't even try to see what I'm doing. I just move in quick parallel lines and hope for the best. Still, I can barely be bothered to do it, but at least its quick when I get around to it.
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I have dark obvious body hair: shave knees->lower legs every day in the summer (30sec a leg maybe?), upper legs get shaved every other day. My body hair feels terrible if it's not shaven regularly- sort of like beard stubble; I shave more for myself (wonderful smooooooooth legs) than anything else. I do not use shaving cream or fancy razors, but do change razors frequentlyish.

Frequent, half assed shaving is definitively the way to go.

bikini and underarms got lasered a few years ago, touch up maybe every other week if needed?

does anyone else have to shave their toe hair? asking for a friend
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It takes so little time that I do it in the shower, every time that I shower - sometimes multiple times per day. Fresh razor and no cream or soap. Zip, zip, zip.

However, I'm blonde and the hair is fine. If I miss a bit in this shower, then I'll get it in the next one.

Total time per shower? Less than a minute.
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I have to shave my legs once a day in the morning if I don't want to look like I have stubble, because my hair grows very fast. Actually, I still look like I have stubble because you see the hair under the skin. This is partly why I've switched to pulling it out in the summer.

But I would say it probably takes me under 5 minutes to shave both whole legs (like including thighs) as long as it's just stubble. I'm boggled at the idea of it taking significantly longer, to be honest.
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does anyone else have to shave their toe hair? asking for a friend

I just noticed that I missed one of my big toes. It's very obvious with dark hair and pale skin.
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Very blonde, fine leg hair. Sporadic shaver. <1 min per leg, and yes I shave my toes too! One thing that makes it super quick for me is that I have so little actual hair that I only rinse the razor twice - after leg 1 and when I'm done. But even when I take more time in the bath, it's super quick.
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Also, my whole life, many times I've been sitting next to a friend, and she's said "God, I have to shave my legs, they're so hairy", and each time I CAN SEE NOTHING. It doesn't surprise me that shaving's a non issue for most people.

I only rinse the razor twice

I think this must be part of the huge time difference. I'm rinsing the razor after each swipe or two, otherwise it'll clog.
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I don't shave my legs at all in the winter, so the first shave of spring (which has not happened yet) takes forever and often two razors as the first one gets dull. I'd say it takes me about 15 minutes to shave my legs, but the bulk of that time is trying to get to the backs of my thighs ( I am increasingly getting more and more inflexible) where the hair is dark and thick. To be smoothish, I have to shave about 3x a week. I hate shaving my legs and don't do it unless shorts are going to happen.
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It takes me less than ten minutes to do both legs almost all the way up the thigh, probably closer to five if I'm not doing much bikini line maintenance. I have very blonde leg hair but I go by feel- I run my hand over the area I just shaved and just go over it again if I feel stubble.

I probably do it once a week in the winter (sometimes less since it's mostly for feel when I'm wearing pants 90% of the time) and every other day or so in the summer.

My One Big Shaving Tip is to use Barbasol (the aloe kind smells least man-like imo) which is a) foamier than women's and b) absurdly cheap and lasts forever compared to women's, so you can use a ton.
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Huh. It adds at least 5-10 minutes to my shower time to shave just my leg below the knee. I have really sensitive skin and grow a lot of medium thickness hair. I use short strokes and rinse my razor often. I have to use a new razor every 2 shave jobs otherwise my skin gets even more irritated.

When I'm done with a leg, I feel for any rough spots I missed. This only works if there's still some shave gel on that my hand can glide around on. I swear by Kiss My Face shave gel.

If I have to shave for going to the beach (ie the entire leg plus bikini line) that's gonna take at least a half hour. You might run out of hot water. I'm going to be red-faced and pissed by the time I'm done.

I find it a huge pain in the ass. Some of that resentment is probably just resentment of the patriarchy tho.
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I shave three times a week, with a Schick Hydro, although the Intuition is good too, I get everything from the neck doe done in a couple of minutes.

Well worth the dough I spend on the razor. I use the same on all week, and do specials with coupons.
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>15 minutes to just do below the knees. I'm a fuckin' hair farmer over here. I have to rinse the razor every swipe.
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my hair is like black barbed wire and it takes me under 10 minutes to shave every few days, i feel really bad when other women talk about what an ordeal it is for them because i could literally do it in my sleep. i do it by feel and not by sight because i don't want to wear my glasses in the shower.

01 thoroughly exfoliate with clinique minty scrub
02 lather up with clay-based shaving soap
03 hold mach 3 in primary grasping appendage
04 nyoom
05 repeat on second leg

tbh it takes me longer to exfoliate than it does to shave, but the upside of that is that i rarely get bad nicks or scrapes
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I'm one of those one-minute leg shavers, when I bother. Factors playing into that: I still have 20/20 vision so can see things just fine without assistance in the shower and don't need to depend on feel; my leg hair is quite sparse; I only shave below my knees (and really, it's just my shins and a little on the sides; the backs of my calves don't get hairy at all); and TBH I can't recall the last time I shaved my legs. Nobody ever notices.

(I do shave my pits 2-3x/week in summer, and I have hobbit big toes, so I shave those whenever I'm going to wear sandals. The former are ~ 3-4 swipes apiece; the latter maybe 2. Either way, it doesn't add much time to my shower, I just leave my hair conditioner in a little longer while I'm shaving.)
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I primarily use an electric razor designed for men's faces (Norelco, I think). I spend about five minutes every three or four days.

My leg hair is blonde, so stubble is not very visible. I mostly only bother below the knee. Using an electric razor doesn't get the same level of smoothness (and is not a good idea around the bikini line), but I don't find that smoothness worth it, personally.

Shaving my legs with a razor in the shower takes me like 20 minutes and I don't like the whole balancing act aspect. And I think it's a huge waste of water.
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I don't remember how long it took, but I didn't enjoy doing it, and I would have uncomfortable stubble within half a day of shaving.

I decided that it wasn't worth my time or money, and I'm so much happier for it. My legs haven't felt uncomfortable in years.
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Well here is my report:

I take ~10 minutes for the entire shower process, including bathroom-cleaning which is part of my shower routine. I doubt that more than half the time is spent on the leg-shaving process.

I shave my legs every other day. As soon as I get into the shower, I take some good conditioner and work it into the ends of my hair, then leave it on.

Then I take some cheap conditioner and slather it on both legs up to the knee, and on my underarms (I do my underarms every day).

I then take a disposable razor - the Bic orange ones are best, especially the sensitive ones - and I shave against the direction of hair growth. That is, vertically up the left side of the shin, diagonally over the calf, and vertically over the right side of the shin. The kneecap is tricky and I often cut myself there. The hair above my knees is very fine, so I do the whole leg only once a week, and then only to say I've done it.

I use one disposable razor every two days. Supposedly you can use them for about 5 days, but I found I was getting horrid, insidious pink patches of skin infection (shudder) which don't happen when I use a new razor every other day.

After that I do my underarms, and then I wash my whole body, making sure the area I just shaved gets a good soaping (prevents shaving rash).

And finally, I shampoo my hair, which has been marinating in intensive conditioner for several minutes by now. A final rinse, a second coat of conditioner, and I'm done.

It is certainly a pain in the ass. But when laser hair removal made the scene, I considered the cost of having that done, and the regrowth time; versus the cost of shaving versus the effort involved, and shaving didn't seem so bad after all. Besides, without it, I'd have nothing to do while I conditioned my hair.

Hope that's informative.
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The hair below my knees is darker than the hair above my knees, and I do find it more difficult to be sure I've done a thorough job shaving my upper legs.

I use regular men's non-disposable razors. It takes me about... 10 minutes, but I also never do it in the shower - always sitting down in the bath. I'm not even sure I COULD do it standing up. There's nowhere to rest my foot, the tub edges are too narrow and slippy.
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It used to take me forever, too, and I felt guilty for how much water I was wasting in the shower (I live in California). I have very dark, thick hair that took multiple passes to cut and lots of rinsing to remove from the razor blade. I also have very pale skin, so even immediately after shaving, the hair under the skin was still visible. I had stubble scant hours after shaving. I shaved every day and I hated it.

I stopped shaving entirely once, and it was unbearable. My fully grown leg hair is longer and thicker than most men's, and the itch and sweat was intolerable. Dudes, I have no idea how you tolerate facial hair.

For my 40th birthday I gave myself the present of laser hair removal for both legs. It was expensive, took multiple visits, and hurt a bit, but it was SO worth it. I still have some stragglers, and one tattooed area that couldn't be lasered, so I spot shave every couple of weeks during the summer.

I had a lot of Feelings about spending money on an unnecessary procedure, but honestly the water savings alone made it worth it. Plus it's one more annoying lady body thing I don't have to deal with. It's second only to my IUD in terms of convenience and investment payoff! A++++++, would laser again.
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Intuition razors. I shave whenever the hell I feel like it which means maybe once a week, maybe once a month (I live in Floriduh so it's always shorts weather). Medium toned hair on light skin, to the knee, 3 minutes total.
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Oh and speaking of rinsing, I make sure the razor is getting rinsed constantly under the shower stream.
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As for grooming tasks that seem unduly time-consuming and difficult, I find washing and moisturizing my face to be an annoyance, and I think I suck at it more than most people, and it doesn't seem to help my face any. For a few years I just rinsed off my face in the shower rather than go through a twice-daily multi-product routine.

Hopefully that isn't getting too off topic; I mention it because although shaving isn't a pain-in-the-ass, am-I-doing-it-wrong, how-can-everyone-else-do-this thing for me, I've got one of my own, and it can kind of mess with your mind a teeny bit.
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Once a week in the bath and only from the knee down. I find the combo of bathtub and a thick shaving cream or lotion makes it easier to see what I've missed. I use Venus razors and probably only change them every few months because I'm cheap.
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Wow I'm shocked to see the number of people who are able to shave in a few minutes. Boy do I super envy you guys!!! Add me to the pile of "it takes fucking forever and is the worst". I have really dark, thick hair. Shaving my legs adds 10-20 more minutes to my shower, which is the way I like to do it, and I usually run out of hot water which sucks. Sometimes, rarely, I'll shave my legs in the sink by propping my leg up onto it, but this usually makes a huge mess that I don't feel like cleaning. If I try to rush and get it done quickly, I miss huge patches of hair and also I usually end up bleeding all over. I have to shave below the knee and all the way up to my bikini line, top of the thigh - the hair is thick and basically blurs into the bikini pubic area which also friggin sucks. Sorry that may be TMI haha. I also shave the toes and the top of my foot because the hair is sooo thick and dark and I hate looking like a yeti. Add even more fucking time to the shower if I feel like shaving my bikini area, happy trail (yup, it's dark and unruly there too for me), and armpits.

As far as how often - if I want to wear shorts, capris or a skirt, I shave every day. So in the summer, I'm basically shaving every day or every other day depending on how much razor burn I'm getting. Because my hair comes back by the end of the day and it'll look like I haven't shaved. Huge sigh. Wintertime, I shave only when I want to look nice in some lingerie for my hubby, and even then I don't do it often because I view winter as the time I get a break.
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For me it's about doing it every 1-2 days and then if I miss a spot, no big deal. I use a shave gel and a Hydro Silk razor and change the blades every two months or so, but men's razors have also been a nice way to do it.

If I go to once a week it takes forever.

I have dark hair and loads of it.
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Knees down (thank you, Bobbi Harlow!), maybe 3-4 mins, tops (I'm nearsighted, so it's purely memorized movements and checking by feel). But under most circumstances I'm not going to freak out if I miss a small patch. Anyone who wants to stare that intently at my outer lower calf when I'm wearing a skirt is just going to have to deal with the consequences. My hair is dark but if you're doing it every other day stragglers don't get much extra time to grow.
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i hugely envy people who can just... not shave? how? when it's wintertime. ever since i was a baby i have had a sensory thing where i CANNOT BEAR the feeling of my own hair pressed against any part of me, like i would yank my hats off and throw them away while screaming horribly and generally being a total delight to be around. these days if i try to wear tights or leggings or wooly winter socks with long wild untamed leg hair beneath them i will freak out and claw at my skin until it bleeds.

i still hate hats but there is less screaming
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Another data point from the less than a minute per leg camp (Asian with very fine, dark leg hair that seems to grow in small patches). Venus blade + conditioner (I think I learned this on AskMe, gamechanger!) in the shower (while waiting for the conditioner to also work into my head hair), usually just the knees down and once a week I do the thighs but never the bikini area. After reading this thread I feel very lucky!!
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I would like to understand the average time and effort involved in this task relative to how many people engage in it.

I'm in the 5ish minute club. Dark hair, dark skin, usually just knees down. I can't fathom it being "difficult" unless you had some kind of mobility issue where reaching the back of your calf or something was a challenge.

I use a safety razor because I hate paying cartridge razor prices, and usually hair conditioner, because I can't see the point in purchasing a shaving only product.

That being said, I don't shave all that often. I live in a wintery place, and I think skirts are stupid unless I want to be fancy. So, I'll tend to let things go over the winter, and then get waxed when I feel like showing my legs or underarms for a bit. So, shaving tends to only happen due to poor planning (it's been a couple of months since a wax and shorts or a dress are in order), and it's quick for me even without regular practice.

I know you're not asking for advice, but I can see why it would be hard to see any stray blonde hairs left behind -- do you use your shave cream/oil/conditioner as a guide for where you've already shaved? Because for me that's the goal -- lather up, use razor to remove lather. When the lather is gone, so is the hair.
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I shave maybe four times a year, give or take? Dark but not particularly thick hair, shaving only below the knee, I don't bother to keep shaving cream on hand so I pretty much just lather up with shower gel. I'm sure it's under five minutes per leg, but haven't timed more specifically than that. I definitely do a half-assed job but that's the absolute limit of how much I can be bothered to care about doing it at all.
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About 20 minutes when I even bother to do it, which is getting rarer and rarer as I get older. Light brownish hair, so it's somewhat visible; biggest problem is, I'm fat and it's just awkward and I almost always wear slacks/jeans, so why bother.
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my darkest, coarsest leg hair is from my ankle to about mid shin, which is of course the most visible part of my leg cuz i wear a lot of cuffed or highwater jeans (plus long legs, so even normal pants tend to show ankle). if i'm REALLY lazy, i'll just shave that part and it takes like 30 seconds tops. medium lazy, only below the knees. i really only shave above my knees during the summer, and only once every week or two at that. the full leg shave usually takes me about 5 minutes per leg and a loooot of razor rinsing - my thigh hair is blonde but really thick. if i'm in a hurry and just doing a half-leg shave, i just use water and a fresh blade to shave while i sit on the edge of the tub. in the shower and/or for full leg shaving, i use body wash if i'm out of shave cream, and a dollar shave club razor (i get blades delivered every other month, which seems to be more than enough for me to change em out fairly often)

also i totally shave my big toes if i'm bored and/or notice they're lookin extra hairy
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But under most circumstances I'm not going to freak out if I miss a small patch.

True for me, too. There's often a wee patch behind my knee that I only usually become aware of when I'm out in shorts, and the wind catches it and tickles me (that is how long that patch sometimes goes without attention). When I was 16 that would have mortified me; currently, agreeing with you, praemunire, tough noogies for any judgers.

2nd using failed conditioners for lotion, and exfoliating (Salux cloth FTW).

Just to say, my enthusiasm for good, fresh, multiple, pivoting blades comes from years of pain/shame/irritation/ingrowns from the time before Venus, and it's an appreciation that never dims. Difficulty level went from 7/10 (mostly around ankles) to 0/10.
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I rarely shave, since I don't own any shorts and never wear skirts. No one has seen my legs in over a year. Every once in awhile I decide that I'm going to the gym and swim and shave over three days/showers. First day, below the knee, day two, the knee and day three above the knee. By that time I've generally lost my motivation to go to the gym and it all goes to waste.
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Chiming in as another person who takes at least 10 min per leg just for below the knee. Are you people who take 1-2 minutes not rinsing the blade that often? I have to rinse at least every 2 strokes, partly because of hair (dark, coarse) but mostly because of the conditioner or shaving cream clogging up the blade. It's also a shitty cycle of not shaving that often because it takes so long, so every time I do it the hair is long so it takes so long.. and so on. I love the feeling of shaved legs in clean sheets though so I keep it up. Will be poring over this thread for tips to hopefully make it a less annoying process!
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Another thought that just occurred to me: I only shave seasonally or for occasions that require me to show my legs. I feel put upon by the task and also find it boring. But I can't zone out while doing it because then I'll cut myself. So for me there's definitely an added emotional component that bumps this task into pain-in-the-ass territory.
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Dark and thick leg hair, been shaving since I was 7 goddamned years old. I don't shave very often lately, and I'm a hairy person.

I used to be the kind of person who could shave quickly, but not anymore. My skin just gets drier and more irritable the older I get, no matter what moisturizing agent or shaving lotion I use. If I go fast, I'll tear my flesh up. I also have to clean the razor out every stroke or so. It sucks for me, because I used to find shaving enjoyable. Now it's pretty miserable.

Hopefully this anecdote will help some of the fast shavers out there understand how it's "possible" to take a long time shaving your legs. I have a lot of dark, coarse leg hair and a lot of dry, unhappy skin. I used to shave like a dynamo, now I have to be careful or I'll gore myself.
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I shave every day. Out of curiosity I timed myself and it took me 50 seconds total to do both legs. Knees down, rinsing after every swipe. I also just use shampoo or soap.

I imagine the people who spend 10 minutes shaving their legs do a much better job than I.
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It doesn't take me long, and I rinse constantly... I mean I'm in a small shower where water is flowing over me all the time, it doesn't take more than a second to hold the razor into a more direct stream of water? if I'm doing a tricky bit like the back of my knees maybe it would take a bit longer, but I'd say on average I hit all parts of my leg at least 3x a week...

It would take longer with shaving cream, but I've never had the luxury of a big enough shower where I could step outside the stream of water and keep the shaving cream on me before I washed away... I feel like that was more of a battle that made the whole thing last 20x as long.

for the record I also have crap balance and vision, and I shave by feel, and by crouching down to be closer to my legs rather than some sort of balancing thing.

for people who spend longer, what is the bit that takes forever? the shaving cream? the going over everything multiple times? the balancing/rebalancing?
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I'm with poffin boffin: back when I let my leg hair grow out I didn't like the feeling of my pant legs yanking my calf hairs around.

My lower leg hair used to be thick and now grows sparsely because I tore out my shin and calf hairs with an epilady my friend got me at a garage sale. I did this for three or four years and permanently killed a bunch of follicles. I'm still really haphazard with the razor strokes, but after those years of follicle death, it's a lot less obvious. I shave maybe... once or twice a week? In the summer? Sometimes? It maybe takes a couple of minutes. Sometimes I skip it for weeks. I don't do the backs or insides of my thighs because the hair's really light and I've convinced myself invisible and intangible. I use conditioner sometimes or nothing sometimes. I have a couple of multiblade manrazors I use, one for home and one for travel. They start out with the lube strips, but I re-use the same blade for months and months and months 'til the strip disintegrates. Sometimes in the winter I'll take a bath and shave in the tub and do a whole thing. But that's only maybe once a year when I want to revisit the whole "pamper yourself" idea and see whether I still think it's claptrap. It's a pain in the ass because I'm grossed out by the notion of rinsing the blade in the bath with me (gag), so I have to keep a bowl of water by the tub and tap out the razor in it. In the shower I just run the razor backwards over my palm under the shower stream to clean the hairs out of it. I guess I rinse a couple of times per leg?

In conclusion, it's much easier if a. you don't care what it looks like or b. your leghair is sparse. (If you epilady during the time when you do care what it looks like, by the time you achieve the age where you don't, your leghair will be sparse: win win!)

PS: I shave my toes when it occurs to me, which is like twice a year, max. I always miss hairs on my ankles and knees. Sometimes I'll pull them out with tweezers while listening to podcasts. You guys that are spending a bunch of time rinsing--do you goop up with so much conditioner you can see the razor track? I use barely any, just enough to make the leg slick. That might account for reduced rinse time.

PPS: I'm sure everybody knows this, but in case not: if you have really coarse hair and sensitive skin, proceed with extreme caution if you try the epilady. It might give you ingrowing hairs. It did me, but I seem to have rhino hide because they didn't bother me.
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Are you people who take 1-2 minutes not rinsing the blade that often? I have to rinse at least every 2 strokes, partly because of hair (dark, coarse) but mostly because of the conditioner or shaving cream clogging up the blade.

I rinse every 2 strokes per edge of the blade (yay DE razors), so every four strokes. I just did a "test" on my right leg where it took about 16 strokes (below the knee), so that would be 4 rinses per leg (and my legs are neither skinny nor short).

What technique do people use when they rinse? I hold the razor on on hand (handle side up) and cup my hand so that the head is submerged, I swirl it a little, then hold the blade sideways so any hair can wash down and out the other side -- now that I describe that, it seems like yet another advantage of the DE razor over cartridges/disposables (which I admit, I kind of haven't used in years). Anyways, my rinse takes maybe 6 seconds, so <1 minute added total over both legs.
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I have pretty visible red hair on my legs, and it takes three passes with a sharp razor to remove it. Bonus difficulty points for having very sensitive skin, which means I shave with either lotion/cheap conditioner, which makes shaving so much of a hassle I don't do it when it's below 70F.

And I ALWAYS miss a spot, usually on the back of my thigh whenever I shave. URG!
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i shave my legs once a week in the spring/summer, once every two weeks in the winter (i go get a pedicure every two weeks, and they do a hot stone leg massage, so i shave for that). however, thanks to ancestry, i'm pretty hairy (fuck you, ancestry). i also have to shave the hobbit hair off my damn toes, which pisses me off more than it should.

(my issues, let me show you them.)


i use skintimate gel, it foams up and stays in place pretty well so i can see where i've already shaved, and i use a dollar shave club regular razor. i shave toward the end of my shower so that things soften up/my legs get some moisture. takes about 10 minutes for both legs, but i keep readjusting because i have a not-that-irrational fear of falling in the shower (it's happened to me a couple times).
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Blonde, live in the desert where shorts and skirts are the norm, and I hate feeling prickly. Shave in the shower every day or so with normal soap or body wash and a disposable razor (NOT generic, a decent one). Takes literally one or two minutes. I occasionally miss a couple spots but I don't really care. I can't imagine spending 10-20 minutes shaving every time.
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The more often you shave the faster it is! Brown hair below the knee, blond-ish above the knee. I rarely bother to shave above the knee. In the shower, just with soap and a decent disposable razor. I am very nearsighted so I do the whole thing by feel, which I think is better because you are less likely to miss spots that way. Wet your legs, soap them up, then turn off the shower to save water. Shave upwards against the grain. I only need to rinse the razor out once per leg because I shave my legs 3-4 times a week, so its only stubble. This is why its much faster, plus a single pass is generally all that's needed for stubble.
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It takes me about a minute per leg. I sit under the shower and use only water and my spouse's razor. I have dark hair, but its pretty fine and sparse, and essentially becomes invisible above the knee. I think the last time I shaved was in October? I am going to some weddings this summer so I might shave it again if I'm feeling extra fancy.

I find the feeling of a breeze blowing through my legs hairs to be quite nice actually.
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for people who spend longer, what is the bit that takes forever? the shaving cream? the going over everything multiple times? the balancing/rebalancing?

So, it takes forever for a few reasons for me, with #1 being the main reason:

1) The hair is so thick that I can't even make a full pass up my leg just to my knee without the razor getting clogged with hair. Like, SO CLOGGED. Even if it's just stubble. So there's lots and lots and lots of rinsing.

2) My skin is oh so sensitive. If I go too fast, I will get cut everywhere, no matter the type of razor or shaving cream. I have tried nearly all the brands over the years.

3) Going too fast also means I miss huge patches, and then I have to go back anyway otherwise it looks like I didn't even try.
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If I'm shaving regularly, it's probably 5-10 minutes total (blondish body hair EXCEPT on my legs, where it is thick and dark) but I have stubble by noon and need to shave every day if I don't want the stubble to be visible from space, so I almost never bother. Seconding the comments about needing to rinse all the time - if I haven't shaved recently, it's a 6-razor, hour-long process. I don't cut myself all that often but I tend to get nasty razorburn/ingrown hairs on my thighs, so I just don't shave them at all ever.

tl;dr: shaving sucks.
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for people who spend longer, what is the bit that takes forever?

I was thinking about this a bit more, and while a lot of my time consuming parts have been covered (lots of thick hobbit hair that grows fast, rinsing, going over again, etc.) I realized one reason I take so long is habit from years and years of being poor and using shitty razors way past their prime that cut you if you just looked at them wrong. I've got better razors now but I still take time around the super curvy/angular bits because I just got so used to slowing down to prevent cutting myself. I'm sure some women can use crappy razors well but I'm not one of them, no matter how much practice I've gotten. So now it's just natural to be all, Whooooa! Time to slow down the razor rodeo so you don't cut yourself coming 'round the chute. And that's going to add some time that I could probably get back if I really tried.

Also while I don't mind stubble all over, a little bit of stubble in an otherwise smooth field bugs the shit out of me.
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I think this must be part of the huge time difference. I'm rinsing the razor after each swipe or two, otherwise it'll clog.

I kind of do a backward stroke every few passes to dislodge most of the hair. This leaves little clumps of hair scattered around to rinse off when I'm done.

If it wasn't already apparent, I'm in the under-a-minute-per-leg-sometimes-miss-a-patch club.
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It's quite annoying. I used to set aside time for it. Then I just stopped, for quite a few years. I don't shave in winter. Now I mostly shave in summer because I got tired of being non-conforming.

What works best for me is to shave every other day or so. I do a casual job and miss spots, but since I do it often it doesn't matter much.

It's kind of dumb. I think shaven legs look a bit weird and hair looks nicer. I recognize that I am an outlier.
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I had no idea so many people shaved their thighs. I'm a below-the-knee girl and I do it once every month at best but it takes all of 5 minutes total, I'd guess. I just don't bother all that much since hair growth is really sparse ever since I had a kid. (Aside: Am I the only one to experience this phenomenon? When I was pregnant, the hair on my legs almost totally disappeared and 8 years later, it's still extremely sparse). The hair that I have is blonde.
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Jesus, how are people shaving their legs so quickly! I shave every third day (but really could shave every day, thats how fast my stupid hair grows) and it takes probably 15-20 minutes in the shower. It is the bane of my existence. Damn you, summer!
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This thread is fascinating. I'm a pale-skinned brunette and both legs take maybe two minutes, if that -- zip zip zip. Just to the knee, but I do it almost every time I shower. I think that's the secret: If you do it all the time, there's not much to take off, no clogged razors, just a light soaping and a quick pass and you're done.

I like the Venus razors best since they are so forgiving. I got a tiny, cheap razor on vacation last week and it was too small and too aggro on my skin. Left little bumps. Not worth the savings.
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For me, shaving takes ages (I've never timed but I'd estimate at least 20 mins). I have the terrible combo of very dark hair and very very pale, sensitive skin - if I shave more than once a week I get the ugliest, most painful razor burn/rash that's way worse than looking at stubble. I have to do my whole leg, no lucky blonde hairs for me. Because of the pale/dark thing you can also still see the dark hairs in their roots even if I do shave. Plus the stubble comes back after two days. So (when I was living in the west), I used to wax instead. Now I just wear pants most of the time.
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I'm a hairy beast of a woman. Dark hair, long skinny legs. I have wondered the same thing. Shaving takes me forever so I hardly ever do it. When I do shave the hair grows back quickly but I can't shave days in a row because my skin is so sensitive. It is really a huge ordeal for me. Occasionally I get my legs waxed and it's awesome! But expensive and inconvenient. I recently purchased an electric razor which works ok. I'm still not willing to do it more often. Too much of a time suck.
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I am so so so jealous of all you "takes a couple of minutes in the shower" people. My hair has always been thick - the individual hairs are thick and dark, and there are so very many follicles. It's quite noticeable if I do a poor job or have stubble. I am very well practiced in the art of shaving and I could never it get down to less than 15 minutes. Even with frequent shaving I clog the razor, and it doesn't take just a quick dip in the water to release the hair. It's maybe 30 minutes to do legs all the way up. The only upside to all the damn leg hair is that I also have plenty of thick dark healthy hair on my head.

But! But! That's all in the past tense because I got laser hair removal and I haven't done all the sessions but it has made such a huge difference. So ghastly expensive but so very worth it.
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I could get it down to almost five minutes when I was shaving regularly, but it was still a pain in the ass. If I tried to bend over and shave them I would guaranteed cut myself and also miss spots - I don't know how anyone does that - so i'd sit on the edge of the tub, and of course I'd turn the water off cuz it's wasteful, and my butt fell asleep if I took too long, and basically I am very happy to just never do that again.
posted by Rainbo Vagrant at 5:13 PM on May 10, 2016

And yeah I had to clean the razor every two strokes at least. But I would just wipe it on my leg and get a billion lil caterpillar mustaches up and down
posted by Rainbo Vagrant at 5:16 PM on May 10, 2016 [1 favorite]

I almost never shave my knees or thighs because the hair up there is pretty light/fine, and I always miss huge patches on my knees and/or cut them all up. So for the calves, it only takes a few minutes, once or twice a week. This is in the shower, no shaving cream/soap/fancy razors, just going by feel. If I let it go for several weeks, then it DOES take forever because the razor keeps getting clogged with hair.

Another data point: My mom's leg hair is all very fine, so she actually shaves it dry with a regular (non-electric) razor. I think she just keeps her razor on the back porch and touches up whenever she's out there and notices a hairy patch. (My mom is weird.)
posted by gueneverey at 5:38 PM on May 10, 2016

I have dark, fairly thick leg hair, and shave them maybe 3-4 times a *year*. Each leg from the knee down takes less than five minutes for me. Couple of strokes, rinse under the shower faucet, repeat. It's totally cool if I miss a hair here and there. It's mainly for the smooth feel

and to get rid of that "is something crawling on me?" feeling I get when some teeny-tiny puff of air manages to whiff my leg hairs. I had ants in my place recently and every time I feel something tickling my leg hairs I get all "WTF ANTS WHERE WHERE WHERE". Shaving got rid of that feeling.
posted by curagea at 5:40 PM on May 10, 2016 [1 favorite]

Shaving my legs only takes me a few minutes total, but I have an odd method that (I don't think) anyone else has mentioned above, so what the heck... let's tell the internet about my shower routine.

I use a three-day rotation of lower legs/upper legs/armpits. Shaving on this rotation means that no one area ever gets too bad (the longer I go between shaves, the less well this works), and my showers are about the same length from day to day. Knees get done on both "leg" days, since hairs always seem to get missed there. I do the ol' feel-and-swipe that some others mention above; this is basically a requirement, as I'm ridiculously nearsighted and don't wear glasses/contacts in the shower. I don't bother with shaving gel on my legs, and I run Venus razors into the ground—I find that I actually prefer to use a dull razor, since there's less chance of bleeding (cf. relative blindness). I think this might be the key to my speed, actually; I'm much more careful, and thus much slower, with a new razor. Armpits get shaving gel and their own, sharper razor (Gillette Daisy Classic; these get replaced more often, so I go cheap).

(I will pull out the shaving gel and shave my legs all in one go if there's some special occasion. This inevitably gives me a closer shave, but I honestly don't feel like dealing with that most of the time. Hence my totally bizarre three-day-rotation technique.)
posted by cellar door at 5:45 PM on May 10, 2016

I do not shave in the winter. In the summer I pull out my old hair clippers and run them up to the knee on both legs, and do my treasure trail (ie pubic hairs that sneak ever lower down the thighs) if wearing a bathing suit in public. This makes me shaved enough to meet basic social expectations around here. Or at least as much as I care to. I shave again when I need to wear a skirt or bathing suit around people who may care. It might be weeks later. I teach, so summers are mine.

If I want to do a closer job (wedding? Fancy spa visit?) I use the safety razor that I bought 3 years ago. It came with a supply of blades I have yet to exaust and at this rate I may have to will them to my children. I have to shave slowly and carefully so I do not slice off my ankles. I use regular soap and go to the knee. This happens maybe 3x a year and takes 15 minutes or so. Even so I resent the amount of time and effort it takes.
posted by Cuke at 5:57 PM on May 10, 2016

Shaving was a hellish montage of pain and suffering for me. No matter what products I used, or how carefully I shaved, or how long I took, invariably I wound up looking like I'd taken a cheese grater to my skin. I went to see a dermatologist, who pointed out that body hair was not really designed to be removed, and I should probably just stop trying to remove it, given how sensitive my skin is. He casually said, 'If anyone has a problem with it, have them call me, and I'll be happy to explain it to them.'

Reader, it was one of the most liberating moments in my life.

What I find particularly hilarious is that all the menfolk I know simply shrug when I tell them why I don't shave. Women insist that surely I am Doing Shaving Wrong and that if I only replicated their regimen, I too, could have smooth legs. Screw that. I'll be on Crone Island having margaritas in a bikini in all my hirsute fat glory, not giving a fuck about performing femininity correctly.
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I admit I clicked into this thread thinking there must be some SHAVING DRAMA because how could there be more than 100 answers to this simple question? So now, of course, I will also join the discussion. I don't know how long it takes me (maybe three or four minutes? I do a three minute deep condition, so probably about that). But my life-changer was when I switched from super expensive Mach 3 razors (what are they, like, $4/blade now?!?) to a safety razor where the blades cost about 5 cents each, tops, for the brand and nationality most recommended by the hipster shaving forum five years ago. Now I have a fresh blade every single time I shave. Heck, I could use a fresh blade on each leg if I wanted to! It took about a week of nicking my legs before I adapted to a safety razor, but now I get a much closer and smoother shave than I used to. And I probably save a hundred bucks a year on razors. For a while I used fancy hipster shaving soap, with, like, French clay in it, but meh. Now I use conditioner.
posted by instamatic at 6:38 PM on May 10, 2016

The 'backward stroke' to remove the hair clogging the razor pretty much cuts out all of the rinsing time.

Also, there comes a point in time when you just know your legs and don't need to see and go by feel and memory.

Both those things help cut down on time.

(Lastly, people in drought areas are turning off the water while they shave of course, yes?)
posted by Vaike at 7:24 PM on May 10, 2016 [3 favorites]

I've never clocked the leg shaving. I usually just shave from ankle to knee with soap and a cheap razor, and use thick enough lather that I can see which areas I've already shaved. When I'm really on top of my game I feel over my legs when done to see if I miss anything.
posted by bunderful at 7:37 PM on May 10, 2016

My One Big Shaving Tip is to use Barbasol (the aloe kind smells least man-like imo) which is a) foamier than women's and b) absurdly cheap and lasts forever compared to women's.

Even better, use the very inexpensive Pure Silk brand, which is made by Barbasol, smells nice, and is under $2 a can!

It's so nice and thick and you can track where you've already shaved (especially good if you have translucent leg hair and are almost completely blind without your glasses in the shower, like me.)
posted by Squeak Attack at 8:00 PM on May 10, 2016

It takes me about 3 seconds about once a week...but maybe I'm not doing a very good job?
posted by Toddles at 8:07 PM on May 10, 2016

It's a fucking relief to read other people having similar experiences with shaving being horrible. It takes me what feels like 100 years to shave from mid-thigh down, plus an additional hundred years if I need to wear a bathing suit. Then everything is miserable and itchy and red by the end of the day -- I can only shave every third day or so at a maximum frequency because it just hurts too much.

I mostly use electric clippers in the summers now -- buzz everything from the bikini line down as short as I can; it makes me swimsuit-acceptable, and it takes about as long as shaving but with less pain and angst and drain clogging. If I have an extended period of swimsuit time (week at the beach or whatever), I'll get a wax. In the winter, I leave my legs alone.
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I've been using an epilator for about 10 years so my leg hair has been sparser and sparser. I use it about twice a week and my legs always feel smooth.
posted by jasminea at 8:39 PM on May 10, 2016

god i can't wait until I can afford to laser off all my leg hair and never deal with this again. Yes, it takes me forever too (dark, corse hair) and unless I shave regularly it takes extra long and i get all kinds of ingrowns. ugh.
posted by you're a kitty! at 9:03 PM on May 10, 2016

Have ten-minuters actually timed themselves? Is it possible some might be overestimating the time involved because of some kind of negative association, maybe the feeling of "having" to shave? This question is prompting many questions. (Including, how can anyone try an epilator once and continue to use it? I can't think of anything more painful... But guys, wet blanket psa, the thing about hair getting sparser over years and years - that isn't because of the hair removal method (pulling, via wax or epilation or sugar or threading or anything, is likely to feed the root with a rush of juicy, nutritious blood, or else distort it and thereby cause ingrowns) - the hair thinning or lessening is a result of hormonal changes over time, it would have happened anyway. Shaving, laser, or going full on Natural are least likely to cause irritation or ingrowns. Which (staying on topic for the question) no longer happens to me with my Venus or Mach 3 or 4 (depending what's on sale).

I rinse the blade super quickly under the shower stream, and give it a shake.
posted by cotton dress sock at 11:33 PM on May 10, 2016 [1 favorite]

I would like to understand the average time and effort involved in this task relative to how many people engage in it.

About half the commenter population appears to be absent from this conversation.
posted by aniola at 11:40 PM on May 10, 2016

I'm lucky, and I didn't know until this thread! Three minutes in total for both legs and underarms, cheap disposable razor with soap in the shower 3x a week, only up to my knee (including 2 big toes!). Dark coarse hair, medium light skin.

Highly recommend laser if you can afford it for treasure trail!
posted by mgrrl at 12:20 AM on May 11, 2016

It actually amazes me how many people bend over, or sit on the edge of the tub to shave. That sounds horribly awkward! I prop my leg up with my foot against the wall in front of me, shave it in a few swipes (I stay in position and reach back to run water through the blades at the appropriate rinsing angle every couple swipes depending on hair thickness). Then switch legs, a few more swipes. As long as the tub floor is not too slippery this works great. I even did it while pregnant. And bonus, hamstring stretch!
posted by celtalitha at 1:28 AM on May 11, 2016

So to answer the question re turning off the water no, I don't, because to turn it off and on and off and on and off and on again to keep rinsing the razor would take five times as long and use MORE water than a 30 second swipe-swipe-rinse, swipe-swipe-rinse on each leg.
posted by celtalitha at 1:31 AM on May 11, 2016

Nthing laser, supplemented with spot epilating. I don't know how long shaving actually took me but I'm sooooooooo glad I don't have to do it anymore - I got my lower legs and bikini line lasered. I'm pale with dark hair, only my body hair is thick-coarse though. I wish my head-hair was as lush and full, sigh. Yep, I have toe hair too. The front of my thighs have lighter, finer hairs but I get the long scraggly ones on the backs of my thighs too- the epilator is great for those, and my toe hairs. I usually epilate on my bed, so I have better light and I can pull myself into weird positions. Usually I only worry about above-the-knee for swimming or special occasion sexytimes. The lasering means I'm way less grumpy about hair removal for swimming, though. Also some epilators have a 'training' head, without as many tweezing parts per square inch.

Even before laser hair removal, I had given up shaving any body parts for several years in my early 20s. I still got laid. Only femme women seemed to care. People noticed my armpit hair much more than leg hair. I did get a little tired rocking only boy short style swimsuits though. I didn't care if my armpits or leg hair grossed out anyone but if my bush edges were visible in my swimsuit, I felt like I was exposing myself, and that wasn't comfortable for me.
posted by leemleem at 1:50 AM on May 11, 2016

I find shaving time-consuming and annoying so I don't do it regularly and that makes my periodic shaves even more time consuming and annoying because there's more hair to shave off. Anyway, I don't have a tub so there's nothing to balance on. I come out of the shower, prop one leg up on the toilet seat lid, shave below my knees (cannot be bothered with above my knees, plus hair growth isn't that thick up there), then do the other leg, then go back into the shower. I dehair and rinse the blade after almost every swipe under the tap - it's this that makes the whole process so annoying and time consuming. I have dark thick hair on my head AND body, and there's NO WAY I could do a whole swipe up the length of my leg to my knee without having to clean out the razor right after.

Underarms are much less trouble, just a few swipes in the shower every few days.
posted by Ziggy500 at 3:32 AM on May 11, 2016

Hi, man with shaved legs here: takes 5 minutes or under, fresh razor, edge gel, dark hair.
posted by fixedgear at 3:38 AM on May 11, 2016 [1 favorite]

Oh, god, shaving. :(

I quit shaving my legs (and armpits!) for ever when I managed to badly injure my skin (seriously, I had a massive chunk of skin hanging off my leg, I still have a scar) while shaving my legs in the bathtub in 1995.
posted by Sockpuppets 'R' Us at 4:34 AM on May 11, 2016

I don't prop myself or sit on the edge of the tub. I sit on the shower floor. Use a cup (that has been a shower cup for years now) to rinse the razor.

Why it takes so long: slowness to prevent cutting, I hate missed patches so I'm very careful to make sure I get everything.
posted by LizBoBiz at 5:36 AM on May 11, 2016

does anyone else have to shave their toe hair? asking for a friend

My partner is one of the people for whom leg shaving is awful, it took a long time and irritated her skin horribly with rashes. Leg shaving easily added twenty minutes to her shower routine and sometimes more. So she got laser removal which worked amazingly and seems to have permanently eliminated leg shaving for her.

But as a free extra the laser tech included the toe hair, which she had never bothered to shave and until it was gone I had never noticed. Even though it was only a few follicles on each toe, we still joke about how the suddenly hairless toes looked wrong and too exposed.
posted by Dip Flash at 5:41 AM on May 11, 2016 [1 favorite]

15 sec per leg, every day, Venus razor, no soap/foam/gel, just under the stream of the shower. Because I do it every day, there's never any visible hair getting clogged or anything, although I am also lucky enough to have blonde hair on my legs despite it being brown on my head.

No one looks at or touches my legs but me, so it definitely is only for myself. The feeling of hair on my legs touching pants/tights/socks makes me shudder.

It takes me much longer to rub coconut oil into legs post-shaving than the actual shaving does.
posted by a fiendish thingy at 6:04 AM on May 11, 2016 [1 favorite]

10-15 minutes when I do it, which is never, because that's 10-15 minutes of my life that I could instead use to listen to my mom complain about my hairy legs. Back when I did it more regularly, maybe 5-10 minutes. It's springtime, I'll time myself when I shave in the near future.

It took reading most of the way through to realize that other people were identifying "swipe" as like a ankle-to-thigh swipe like you see in razor commercials. I did that the first time I shaved and looked like I'd tripped and fallen on broken glass. If I'm shaving regularly I need to clear hair from the razor every 3-4 inches of shaving if I want it to cut hair and not skin, so it sounds like I'm rinsing 5-10x more than average. Makes sense the times would be so much longer.
posted by tchemgrrl at 6:32 AM on May 11, 2016

Orly? Narly. My unibrow was gone forever after one tweeze sesh in my late twenties. And the advent of lower leghair sparsitude preceded the slow thinning of upper leghair by twenty years. Why? Because you can't epilady your thighs without general anesthesia. Ditto the armpits. Don't ever try.
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Moderately challenging here, due to fast fast fast-growing hair. 2-3 times per week, but it would be more if I truly needed to be hairless and stubble-less. Probably only 5-7 minutes, but I'm sloppy and only go just past the knee. Regular old dude's orange disposable, the fancy lady razors tend somehow to nick MORE.

If I'm wearing a bathing suit and need to actually shave the thighs and bush, boy howdy, that's a damn lifetime in the shower.
posted by We put our faith in Blast Hardcheese at 8:33 AM on May 11, 2016

Ugh, it takes me ages and I hate it, so I avoid it whenever possible, so it takes more ages, and I hate it more...

So for all of you quick shavers, where do you rinse your razor? The stream from the shower head, water out of a faucet, a cup, somewhere else?
posted by pennypiper at 8:59 AM on May 11, 2016

I love this thread and feel like so much less of a freak! It takes me forever to shave. Blond, pale, hate shaving.
posted by Sophie1 at 9:11 AM on May 11, 2016 [1 favorite]

Shaving takes very little effort for me. I do it in the shower or bath, using Dove body wash to lather up, and the cheapest disposable razor I can get (because I change them so often... I should probably just get a safety razor and buy a ton of blades). I make sure my legs are lubed up then shave in long strokes above the knee, then below the knee, then the actual knees. I save knees for last because I feel I should pay the most attention while shaving them. I could do it in probably 3-4 minutes. Sometimes when I'm in a huge hurry, I just shave them dry and put a layer of moisturizer on.
posted by keep it under cover at 10:15 AM on May 11, 2016

wow. so jealous of all of you who take a mere few minutes! I shave very rarely, mostly because it feels like it takes FOREVER; I have a LOT of dark leg hair and I am extremely pale. Also, I get really bad razor burn. Usually have to lotion immediately after shaving if I don't want itching/burning legs. Considering lasering at some point. I guess the trade-off is that I also have extremely thick hair on my head! :)
posted by bookworm4125 at 10:47 AM on May 11, 2016

I have olive skin and thick/stiff, dark hair that grows back really quickly. I shave every other day to just a few inches above the knee. Each leg takes me about 8 minutes. I only shave from May to October (dress season), so my first shave of the season takes forever and requires multiple razors.
posted by girasoli at 11:39 AM on May 11, 2016

Wow, what a weird thread! I have very thick, course, fast-growing hair. I shave pretty much every day, and it takes about two minutes. Good quality razor (Venus), liquid soap, and I just shave in the shower.
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It takes me maybe 2-3 minutes per leg, and that's if I do the whole leg, which I often don't because the hair above my knees is fine and nearly invisible. My legs are also completely covered in tattoos, which makes it harder to see the sparse hair I do grow. I use a Venus razor as it is an ENTIRELY different story vs. a cheap single-blade razor. It's the difference between smooth, even legs and looking like I'd been closely followed by an axe murderer with a bad hand tremor.
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I have pale skin with dark hair below the knee and basically skin-color hair above the knee, so I don't bother with doing anything above my knee. My leg hair is fine but plentiful, and when I was still shaving with a razor, it'd take me 5-6 minutes in the shower to shave. I am almost blind without my glasses, so I shaved by feel, like a lot of the above commentors. I could never shave with a razor every day because I'd get razor burn, and it took shaving every other day to feel OK exposing my legs in public.

Then I switched to my husband's electric shaver for a couple of years. It gave me legs with hair at basically Day 2 of the razor, with the advantage of no razor burn so I could do it daily if I wanted.

In both cases, I almost never shaved that regularly--only when I wanted to wear shorts or a skirt, or when the hair grew long enough that it brushing against my pants drove me nuts and set my dry skin to itching.

A few months ago I switched to an epilator, and HO MOMMA WHY DIDN'T I DO THIS DECADES AGO? It's not just-razor-shaved perfection, but Day 2 of razor shaving, which means that you can't see the hair unless you're close enough to my leg that you are either a doctor or my husband, and it stays that way for at least a week. Regrowth is much finer, to the point where I've forgotten to epilate for about three weeks now and it hasn't bothered me. I looked at my legs just now, and while I wouldn't wear a skirt like this, the hairs that have grown back are so fine that I can't feel them brushing my pants, which isn't making my dry skin itch. Yay!

Epilating and the electric shaver took longer than regular shaving, but not longer than 10 minutes or so.
posted by telophase at 2:21 PM on May 11, 2016

So for all of you quick shavers, where do you rinse your razor?

I gave all of this more thought this AM as I zoomed through my morning shave in the shower.

So, I actually don't shave in winter unless we are going somewhere warm/leg exposing because I live in tights and boots in winter. Still, the annual spring shave is no big thing.

I realized this AM that I hold the soap or D'Fluff in my left hand and shave with my dominant right hand, so the left actually provides the smooth glide first. Then I shave in fairly long strokes upward, and then quickly run my left hand over the shaved spot to make sure it is smooth. To shave, I just bend over at the waist toward my extended leg.

I rinse the razor in the shower as I go. Generally I do one leg, then rinse, then do the other leg, then rinse.

I suspect people who are experiencing cuts and razor burn are applying too much pressure and using a razor that isn't sharp. I switch out my Schick Quattro blades fairly often to make sure I've got a sharp tool.
posted by bearwife at 5:27 PM on May 11, 2016

About five minutes, or less, and I shave most of my thighs as well as knees and lower legs. When I was in my teens and 20s and was dating and just generally fretted more about my appearance, it would take a lot longer. Now it's a combination of apathy (missing a spot does not feel like a major deal), practice, and better tools; I used a Mach 3 for years, which I thought was awesome, and then recently switched to a Venus and could not believe how much easier it was -- lighter, easier to grasp in the shower/less slippery, better at navigating around my knees even when I was shaving fast. I shave in what I consider four steps: right leg toes to below knees, right leg thigh and then knee, left leg toes to below knees, left leg thigh and then knee. I use shaving cream (cheaper if you buy the Trader Joe's label) rather than gel, when I can, and I hold the razor up to the shower spray every couple strokes to rinse it.
posted by lazuli at 5:49 PM on May 11, 2016

i definitely mention this in every shaving related askme but if you have problems with post-shave rashes/skin sensitivity you should try switching from using shaving cream/gel with alcohol in it to an old timey shaving soap that has clay in it. you don't need to use the fancy special lathering brush and tin cup but that's often how it's sold.

if you get a lot of ingrown hairs, or nicks and cuts from shaving, you should try exfoliating before you shave with a gritty scrub-type exfoliator. concentrate your mega scrubby action on the bony and tendony bits around your knees and ankles.

(obviously you all probably know by now what works best for you so if you're not having any of these issues then just stick with whatever you're doing.)
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