Where should I clear security at ATL today?
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Can I use the international checkpoint at ATL for a domestic flight?

I'm flying out (Delta, from Terminal E) today around 3 PM. One of the domestic checkpoints is closed and the airport website says that the lines are much longer at the domestic checkpoints that remain open than at the international one.

Details that might be relevant:
  • I have only a carry-on bag;
  • I can get a ride to the airport (so parking isn't a problem);
  • I don't have any sort of frequent flyer status with any airline, nor do I have precheck;
  • I am generally familiar with how airports work but have never used the international terminal at ATL.
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You absolutely can. The two checkpoints are at opposite ends of the airport, but they're connected to all gates by the train in the basement.

The only difference is that the ticket counters for international flights are at the international terminal.

I'll be doing the hokey pokey with this on Monday AM, good times!

That said, I don't know that it's a better choice. It's only the South Checkpoint (Delta) the North and Main checkpoints are still open.

I think it's just going to take longer, no matter what.

Check the wait times and choose whichever makes sense for you.
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It seems like the north and main checkpoints are picking up most of the slack from the south checkpoint, if the wait times on the airport web site are any indication. The gap right now between international and domestic wait times is about half an hour (10-20 min int'l, 40-50 domestic). I'll use the international checkpoint if this holds.
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