OSX - SOCKS proxy for bluetooth tethering?
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How do I use a SOCKS proxy in OS X when tethering via Bluetooth?

I have a macbook air, running El Capitan.

Sometimes I like to get internet by tethering my phone (iPhone 6S).

When I do this, I can use wifi or bluetooth (let’s ignore wires for now).

When I tether using wifi, I have the usual OSX Network Prefs->Advanced tab, which allows me to specify a SOCKS proxy. When I tether using bluetooth, I don’t.

Is there a simple way to use a SOCKS proxy when I’m using bluetooth for tethering?
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If you just care about web browsing, you can set a SOCKS proxy internally in Firefox. (Link is to a guide for Ubuntu, but the instructions are 100% identical for any platform with a bash terminal and SSH.)
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Thank you, that gets me most of the way there.
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