London, UK filter: help me come up with a wedding gift!
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My friend is getting married this week, yay! I didn't get her a present originally because it's a destination wedding, but I've changed my mind and really want to get her and her hubby something nice that would be an "experience" (like a night out or something). What London-based thing (i.e. gift cert to a hip restaurant) can I get her? Needs to be something I can buy online, as I'm not in London.

I know from Facebook creeping that she has liked the following places:

- Sky Pod Bar
- W Lounge
- Steak and Co.

Other things she likes: cocktails, chocolate, veggies, lots of spice.

Thanks AskMe!
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Are you looking for food/drinks, or something different? I really enjoyed Enigma Escape.
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Chocolate walking tour! I went on one and it was great - you get to eat lots of chocolate!
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Does she like cats? If so then get them a gift voucher for high tea at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium!

I took my honey there for his birthday once and the food is surprisingly good, it's not too expensive, the cats are adorable, and it's hilarious.

I took four different types of anti-allergy drug that day, but that is the power of love.
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Secret Cinema is popular for its immersive theatre & film experiences in London
They're currently advertising a Dirty Dancing one, and a 28 Days Later one, so you have a range of taste options there.
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Tour for two at the Tate Modern
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