How to dye my hair silver and look natural-ish?
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I have a coarse hairline due to hair transplants - would dying the front roots silver soften the effect?

I am happy with the overall coverage from the surgery, although around the hairline it's a bit sparse and more harsh than the rest. I'm 45 y/o and my hair is already 50% grey. I have never dyed it.

Could a hair salon do slight touch ups to the roots here and there to reduce the effect? Or is dyeing an all-or-nothing decision? Can the silvery hair dye you see nowadays look natural, or is it popular because it looks interesting and not particularly natural?

Or is this something I could do at home without screwing it up too badly?
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Take a look at Overtone. I have been wanting to try the silver, but for now I'm in reds/purples/pinks.

Lots of info/help at their blog.
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Could a hair salon do slight touch ups to the roots here and there to reduce the effect? Or is dyeing an all-or-nothing decision?

Root touch-ups are a very common coloring practice (it's how bottled blondes stay blonde).
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Saloons should actually encourage you to just get the roots touched up it's less damaging to the hair than full coloring every time. I have looked into getting my hair tinted grey as I have a lot of natural grey & it's been a pretty fashionable look at the moment. Depending on the color of the other 50% of the hair they may have to remove the natural color first by bleaching then put a rinse/toner (a non permanent color) over it to get the the correct shade of grey.

Anything with a toner in will be prone to slowly fading back to the base bleached color every time you wash it so you may have to use a color corrective shampoo to slow it going a brassy yellow color as well as go in for regular toner applications but as it would be at the front of your hair that would most likely fit in with your root touch ups which would be every 4-6 weeks.

I honestly would not encourage you to do any sort of bleaching or lightening as it is can be called at home, at least the first few times you have it done as you can really mess up your hair & make things a lot worse. Get it done at a saloon a few times ask lots of questions. Then see how you feel about doing it. Toner on the other hand you could do yourself, it can make a bit of a mess but is well within the realms of DIY, if you go to the saloon & they give you a color you like get them to write down the recipe they used (combination of colors as often times they mix them together to get the right color) & you can often buy the products yourself. So it's something you could do between root touchups if the color shifted to much for your liking, specially as you want it in such a small area.

Having said all that. This was for my hair, with my stylist. I would highly suggest asking around to find a good colorist in your area & then going in for a consultation. Every ones hair is different so it's not always a one method suits all situation.
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Just a general suggestion about any kind of color, if you have not done it yourself before, don't try this at home! One of my friends and I have both had disastrous results that needed professional correction from trying do-it-yourself highlights. Ask around for a good colorist, make an appointment, and follow their advice to get the look you want.
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Fine highlights are difficult to do well. They need to be very fine or you'll have regrowth problems.

You might try a temporary product with a mascara wand to see if the effect is what you are expecting.
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It takes a lot of bleaching and toning to get silver, and that is actually pretty hard on the scalp, so if the skin there is in any way still healing, it could give you a nasty rash. I would be very cautious about trying this.
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