Movies with animated or illustrated prologues
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What are some live action movies that feature opening sequence prologues, done in animation or graphics and voiceover?

Something like The Kingdom or Magnolia but not with archival footage.

Like an animated explainer before the movie starts for real.
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Escape from New York
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Do the Game of Thrones opening credits count? They're not as explicitly explainy as your example but there's a lot going on to try to situate the viewer in the GoT world before the action starts up.

Actually, the entire Art of the Title site looks like an amazing resource in general. Here's their interview on The Kingdom for starts, some of the ones tagged editorial look like they might hit the spot too.
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Run Lola Run, maybe
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Argo is exactly the sort of thing I'm looking for (so is Escape From New York but it's perhaps a bit too dated).

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A Series of Unfortunate Events (also has some lovely and amazing animated end titles)
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From back in the day: The Pink Panther. I believe that all the sequels also had animated title sequences.
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The Parent Trap sets up the premise of the movie with a stop-motion animation title sequence.
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Better Off Dead. I'm working from memory, so I might be wrong.
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Repo The Genetic Opera
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(oops, I see someone beat me to it!)
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Troop Beverly Hills.
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Honey I Shrunk the Kids
Soylent Green
Who's That Girl
Catch me if you can
Ruthless People
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Lady in the Water
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Enchanted begins with an animated sequence.

A Matter of Life and Death (1946 and known as Stairway to Heaven in the US) starts with a slow pan across a colossal starfield, while a voiceover explains what we're seeing. It opens with the words "This is the universe. Big, isn't it?" You can watch it here.
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North by Northwest
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Lady In The Water (2006 M.Night Shyamalan film) has an animated prologue.
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I can't remember the actual title sequence, but Hedwig & the Angry Inch incorporates animation throughout.
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Mr. Bennett narrates an animated history of post-zombie Britain to his four daughters. (Still in love with this site, folks!)
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