What non-Apple slideshow software should I acquire?
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Windows 10. I need to acquire (buy if necessary) a good slideshow program. It must be able to output high-res .mov files as the stuff I'm creating is to be integrated into a movie project. Hopefully, it will afford me the ability to program some fairly complex moves, zooms, transitions (ie: not just a few stanard Ken Burns style defaults). Hopefully, I won't be in for a BIG learning curve as I have deadlines looming.

I don't need this program to actually be editing software, as I won't be editing this movie, just supplying some standalone sequences.

I'm using a Windows 10 box.

Please recommend.
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And I should add. I'm not interested in options that default to cloud-saving etc.
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"Fairly complex" is at odds with "simple and easy to learn." I'd consider Adobe After Effects to be the gold standard for this situation, but it's neither inexpensive nor easy to learn. Blender can be made to do similar things, but it's even quirkier to learn (but free).
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Sony Movie Studio Platinum will probably do what you want. It's the home-studio version of their Vegas video editor and it's surprisingly powerful; the Platinum version comes with a stack of transitions and effects plugins, and it's got a built-in tool for creating slideshows too. It's $80 which isn't free but it's also a lot cheaper than After Effects (although nothing like as powerful) and a lot easier to use than Blender. There's a trial version, so you can give it a go before you cough up any actual money.
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to be clear, I've worked in and around After Effects (as a director, not an editor), and it's wonderful program that's way beyond my immediate needs.
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How about PowerPoint? You can set up timings and export to .mov
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So ... I just spent some time mucking around with PowerPoint and it wasn't wasted because it's clarified my needs. Powerpoint isn't good enough in terms of control, speed of use, options in general ... so I suspect I'll be looking into Studio Platinum next, and will report back. Thanks so far.
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