Android App for Filming One-a-Day Stop Motion?
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So I was thinking about doing one of those take-one-picture-a-day time lapse videos, but I wanted to also make it a stop motion video too. I'm kind of hoping that there's an Android app that would help me do this. So I'm going to describe what I think the perfect features would be for such a project, and hopefully someone will tell me if there's anything even remotely close to this.

I would like to first record an ordinary video of myself, probably hand-held selfie style, for simplicity's sake. Then I'd like to try and match the frames in that video with photos taken one at a time (one each day). Now while it'd be nice to have an app that does everything (pulling the frames from the original video, stitching the photos into the new video, etc.), most of those features can be accomplished with normal video editing software. The one feature that I'd really like is something that would help me line up the new photos with the old video frames. Like maybe something that overlaid a ghost of a specific image onto the current view of the photo, so as to make it easy to match things. Is there anything like that out there at all?
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Best answer: There are lots of stop motion apps on the google play store, and you're looking for one that has the overlay or onionskin feature, and can import photos and video. It seems like this one can do those things, but you'll have to try it out I think. It's free with in-app purchases. You might have to separate the original video into individual frames to make this work, but you'd want to do that on a computer, I'd think.
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