Online board games for a virtual D&D group
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I DM for a couple bicoastal D&D campaigns online (we use Fantasy Grounds and TeamSpeak.) Tabletop Day is coming on April 30th and I'm planning a special session where we set aside our swords and wands and play some good old fashion (or good modern!) board games. What are our options for online board games these days?

• Must be cross platform, we've got both PCs and Macs in the mix.
• We can use TeamSpeak, so built in voice communications are not required.
• Free is good, but don't stop you from suggesting options with nominal costs.
• Mobile games might be an option. I need to poll on iOS and Android availability.

Options I'm aware of but have not fully explored include Tabletop Simulator. Has the tech progressed where this is viable?
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There is also VASSAL, Wargameroom, and others.

This list might also help. And this.

I can't really speak to the quality/experience of any of the above, though, except for a Dominion implementation on isotropic that is now dead and Twilight Struggle on Chantry which is 2-player only.
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There's an online implementation of Innovation that I quite like, and tons of great tabletop games in web-browser form on Board Game Arena.

You've mentioned Tabletop Simulator, but I wanted to note specifically that it's half-off on Steam until the 18th, which means you can snag a 4-pack for $30.
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I haven't tried it, but I know you can download Ticket to Ride on Steam and do multiplayer mode. The friend who told me about it has a Mac, so it should work on both. I'm sure there are other board games, but that's the one I know of off the top of my head!
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Response by poster: Any first hand experience with Tabletop Simulator?
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I have no firsthand experience with TTS, but you can watch people use it on YouTube to see if it's your jam. There are places to download mods for TTS, too.
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I still use Brettspielwelt, which has some good classics like Carcassone and Einfach Genial, as well as newer games (7 wonders has been there in the past, don't know if it still is). You have to install it ahead of time and figuring out the controls can be a bit finicky but I have used it on both mac and pc.
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