WordPress Plugin for Collecting Information and Payment?
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WordPress peoples: Can you recommend a plugin that will allow users to fill out a form with contact information and item choices, and make a credit card payment online - all as part of one transaction?

I am helping a CSA farm with their website, which has been designed on a Wordpress platform.

We are looking for a way for their members to fill out a form online with their contact information and CSA share choices as well as offer a way to pay for the share online via Paypal.

They would like the information from the form to be sent to an email at the farm, with a confirmation that the Paypal transaction went through.

I know we can simply embed a PayPal link and then set a return page but I was looking for something a bit more seamless in terms of process - especially something that doesn't require the user to leave the site.

Bonus points if it provides useful options for managing the information submitted.

Lastly, they are not wedded to PayPal - if there is a similar service that can securely accept credit card payments, and not take a too huge cut, they would be open to it.
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There are a number of e-commerce solutions for Wordpress, many of which can integrate with PayPal.

I've used WooCommerce, which has an add-on for paypal - I do believe that you need to pay for the add-on.
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Gravity Forms plugin with payment add-on is another solution.
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Gravity forms integrated with Stripe will do this. It will also do it with PayPal. If you are taking customer information on your site, regardless of your processor you will need an SSL cert.
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Woocomm, using PayPal Standard is free.
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I haven't used WooCommerce with PayPal Standard, but PP Standard generally sends you off-site to PayPal itself for the payment processing. This makes things simpler (no need for SSL as DarlingBri mentioned above), but far less streamlined, which you said was a goal. Either PayPal Pro or Stripe + SSL will let you process payments on your own site, and of the two, I find Stripe easier to use.
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nthing Wordpress + Woocommerce + SSL. If the farmers use Dreamhost it is VERY easy to implement Let's Encrypt for the latter.
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WooCommerce, although popular, is kind of heavy and might be overkill for this.

I'd probably set this up as Gravity Forms (easy Worpress form building plug-in, $39 one-time payment, makes it fairly simple to set up things like payment forms that calculate price based on options selected, send email receipts, etc.) + Stripe payment addon (Stripe accounts are free and easy to set up, their CC processing fees are low, and they're not PayPal).

As noted above, any of these options that don't involve being bounced out to an external site for payment will require an SSL/TLS cert to be set up for your site, which will probably cost between $30 and $100 per year, depending on your hosting setup and the type of cert you purchase. Using a Let's Encrypt cert would theoretically be free, but I don't think I'd use it for actual eCommerce at this point.
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