Way too many OPT-ions
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Please help me figure out if I can make post-degree Optional Practical Training work for me as a freelancer working for companies all over the world. Snowflakes inside.

So. I'm set to graduate in May and found out I'm eligible for OPT even as a freelancer. Yay!

My problem: two of my biggest prospective clients are not American. Can I do freelance work for them before my work authorisation for the American companies I would like to work with comes through? I'm already going to talk to the people at Student Services, is there anyone else I should get in touch who can let me know if this is even possible/how to get the right permits?

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Given the importance of doing this right, it may be worth a few hundred bucks to sit down with an immigration lawyer to discuss your options and the requirements. The The American Immigration Lawyers Association operates a referral service, in addition to the advice on the MeFi Wiki.
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