Need help locating an NPR Story About Google
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A few months ago (probably around 5-11 months ago) I recall listening to an NPR show on my way to work. I don't recall what the show was about exactly, but the gentleman who was being interviewed (or sharing his story) specifically mentioned something about Google. I don't recall if he was an employee, had worked there, or just knew about it.

My memory is failing me, but the story specifically said something to the effect of, "Google only wants products that will effect <billions> of people". I can't recall if the part of the story was about pitching new ideas to Google management, or about companies they buy out, or when they sunset. I want to say that it was something like, "when you pitch an idea to Larry Page, he will only consider it if it will effect a billion people".

Any ideas?
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Are you sure it's Google and not Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg?
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I am not sure it was Google! Thank you miasma, that seems to be close to the theme in the story, but I'd still like to hunt down the NPR piece.
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Just in case you're doing text searches: try "affect" instead of "effect".
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What time of day was it? Narrowing down what show you were listening to could help with searching. Morning commute was probably Morning Edition and evening commute was probably All Things Considered, anything in between would definitely depend on your local station's schedule.
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In this NPR story, there is a quote from Larry Page that they want to put "more wood behind fewer arrows".
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