El Capitan and noatime
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My Mom has an old iMac that's always seemed a bit sluggish. I recently installed El Capitan and it's now painfully slow, so I tried the noatime trick and it makes a big difference. Problem is I can enable it using the terminal but I can't get it to persist across reboots. Does this have something to do with Apple's System Integrity Protection?
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Okay, the answer to the SIP question is "no." I disabled it temporarily and the plist files still aren't loading at boot. Any ideas, Mac wizards?
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I got it working for the boot disk. If one copies the plist code from the page I linked it brings with it a bunch of invisible control characters which look like spaces but are not. Cocktail showed the plists as corrupted, so i used BBEdit's "Zap Gremlins" feature to eliminate the bogus characters. I still can't get the external disk to mount with noatime but I'm quitting while I'm ahead.
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Can't help you with your noatime problem, but one remedy for sluggish performance, at least for browsing the web, is to turn off javascript in your browsers. Easy to try. You could also install javascript blocking extensions which do more or less the same thing but with more granular control. They are in Apple's extensions gallery.
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