True crime podcast?
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I'm looking for dark, true crime podcasts. My ideal would be the content of Sword and Scale with the production of Criminal or Serial.

I love Criminal but each episode is only twenty minutes long. And I've listened to all of Serial. I'm not interested in anything supernatural. Sword and Scale would be perfect but I find it to be really poorly put together and difficult to follow.

Something about nontraditional crime or moral wrongdoings, like internet scams, would fit the bill too. I love first person narratives.
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Thinking Sideways isn't technically a "crime," podcast, it's more like Unsolved Mysteries in podcast format, but as it deals with mysteries, many of its episodes are basically stories of unsolved crime. I'm a big fan.
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Maybe the Charles Manson eps of You Must Remember This?
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A very similar question was asked on r/UnresolvedMysteries and I've been slowly making my way through the suggestions. There are a lot to choose from! Here's the link. I really like Detective and Unresolved so far.
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The Generation Why isn't up to the level of Serial but I like the format. Also I'm a big fan of Undisclosed, which is more of a legal analysis of the Adnan Sayed case and less of a narrative, but ymmv.
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You might be interested in CBC radio's Somebody Knows Something.
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Last Podcast on the Left deals with true crime quite a bit, but they also go into conspiracies, UFOs, etc.
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Last Podcast on the Left is pretty well-researched but be warned that it is pretty crude and not for the sensitive or easily-offended. I really like Liar City, which focuses on frauds and phonies rather than murder or more serious crimes. Casefile: True Crime Podcast is pretty interesting, though the host can be a little monotone. My Favorite Murder is another newer one I've been liking (it's two gals just casually discussing horrific crimes like you would at a cocktail party and its less thorough or research-oriented that some of the above). Stuff They Don't Want You to Know is often good (though less crime and more conspiracy theories). That unresolved subreddit mentioned above is a great resource for this stuff.
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You might like Breakdown. It's a podcast by the main newspaper in Atlanta, and is currently in the second season. It's a little slower than Serial, but pretty good, actually.

Truth and Justice podcast started as a show that followed Serial and incorporated listener theories, but has become a podcast about wrongful convictions. I love it, but I know Bob Ruff's style isn't for everyone. Season two is about a series of wrongful convictions in Tyler Texas. Season one is about Adnan Syed.
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I thoroughly enjoyed Who Killed Elsie Frost?
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I wanted to update this thread for anyone who is interested in the same dark stuff. I wound up loving:
- thinking sideways: great dynamic between the hosts, huge backlog of episodes, great content
- generation why: more thorough research
- casefile: an Australian guy who has a great voice and also does solved crimes

I couldn't hang with last podcast on the left, the guys sounded so douchy and unfunny. Hope it helps someone else !
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