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Looking for a solution for Wordpress for gated content and lead capture. I have a few different standard pages that I do not want to be accessible until a short form is filled out. It's free content, so no need to deal with payments.

I want to minimize the annoyance, so no "check your email for access link". Ideally people getting a direct link to the page would first get the form, then go onto the page. Always having the pages accessible to search engines would be a bonus.

The results of the form should both be emailed to me and stored in a database or Google sheet.

While free would be nice, a one time or yearly cost of $50 or so would be ok.

Yes, I've started trying some out, so far I've found ones that aren't right for me, such as "Before And After".
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I use the Pippity plugin for this.
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Bloom, a plug in from Elegant Themes does this. Scroll down where it says "Require Opt-In To Unlock Content" and look at the live preview they provide.
Looks like they want $89 per year, but that gets you access to all plugins, all themes, and support. Disclosure: I am one of their lifetime customers, and love their stuff.
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Reading through the docs and demos, it looks like these two only allow name and email address to be collected. I need a few more fields of info.
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I googled "Pippity custom fields"...
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So far looks like Opt-in Panda is the best for me. Unfortunately a bug with Mailchimp does not trigger the email to me when a new subscriber joins (suspect because it is via api and not Mailchimp's form, have not tried other services). Fortunately a new version is coming in a month or so allowing use of other forms.
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