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Where can I have (these) metal keychains custom-made in the US?

One of the organizations I work with want keychains produced like this example?

-enamel & color (one side)
-custom numbered

The manufacturer of these is in Australia and shipping is more than the cost of production. I've done googling but all I come up with are promotional re-sellers or lesser quality versions. Helps?
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I searched for "challenge coin keychain" and found this sample which looks pretty close to what you want - they appear to do all sorts of custom stuff.
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Maybe The Monterey Company in Bend, Oregon?
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Signature Pins can make custom cloisonné keychains like that with sequential numbering and/or a back stamp (there's a one-time fee to have a back stamp made if you choose to use one—it's used to emboss a logo you provide on the back). After getting estimates from a couple companies, I ordered cloisonné pins with a custom back stamp from them in the fall, and I was pleased by the results. I provided them with a design, but their designers could probably work off of a picture to mock up a specific design if you didn't have one available.

Note that the company is based in the U.S. but the products are manufactured and sent from China, if that matters to you.
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Look into the folks who do goecoins, which are beautiful enameled coins with unique IDs. The company Landsharkz from Canada is a good example -- many of their coins so gorgeous that I refuse to let mine go out in the wild!
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Response by poster: wenestvedt, that is a very interesting suggestion. Based your suggestion, I have located and sent request for info from this company.
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Good call: a lot of these vendors even have designers on staff to help, and can turn around a sample quickly. Good luck!
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