How to clean scanner glass without leaving streaks?
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I have an Epson V500 scanner and have trouble with faint streaks left behind on the glass after cleaning. I used some lens cleaner that I sprayed onto a microfiber cloth to wipe the glass. The lens cleaner contains water, isopropyl alcohol and detergent. Any ideas on how to clean scanner glass where I don't leave any little streaks behind? All I know is that I shouldn't use anything abrasive or anything containing ammonia.
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Do you have a dry microfiber cloth you can buff the streaks with? Also, I'd try using straight isopropyl alcohol (91% if you can get it) because it won't leave a residue.
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I use a white distilled vinegar and water mix. No streaks.
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Microfibre cloth and alcohol would be my solution too.
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I use 2 plain white coffee filters. One very slightly dampened with water first to clean, followed by wiping with the dry one. No lint. No streaks. It seems weird but it works.
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I use Stoner Invisible Glass or the Foaming Anti Static Glass Cleaner that Aztek sells on my V700. Which ever can happens to be closer when I need to clean.
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If you don't have or aren't liking the microfiber cloth, the coffee filters are really good because they are lint-free. I have a case of industrial-sized filters (I strain a lot of yogurt, cheese, and oil, and a case was $13) that I sometimes use for mirror-cleaning. Cloth diapers are also excellent for cleaning glass, and I have a couple (whatever was cheapest on Amazon at the time) I keep in my specialized towel stack.
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Try some distilled water on a microfiber cloth after the lens cleaner.
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Seconding Invisible Glass
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