Storage conditions for alcoholic, homebrewed ginger beer
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I recently made my first alcoholic ginger beer and need some advice about storing conditions prior to drinking.

Do I put them in a warm place first, then move them to a cooler area as with some homebrew lagers? Straight to a cool place?

The beer (it was dry-hopped, so technically, it's beer) was brewed in a stainless steel fermenter. Primary fermentation was roughly a week, with a few additional days in to get the SG stable and a nice hoppy tang.

I bottled the beer yesterday in 500ml glass EZ cap style bottles (Mangrove Jacks). Each bottle got one Mangrove Jacks carbonation drop. I know glass can be a risk with ginger beer (and with beer), but I don't like buying plastic if I can avoid it.

Any advice be greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Warm area to carbonate / bottle condition for ~2 weeks, then stored at cool temperature - the same as the procedure for any bottle conditioned beer.
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Seconding what ssg said, above. You need them at room temperature until you crack one of the bottles and it's properly carbonated.

As soon as that happens, you must move the bottles to a cool area, preferably around 40F; this will put most organisms, both good and bad, to sleep. So, it basically preserves the beer as well as does the cold conditioning.

If you don't have any space in a fridge, find the coolest place available to you.
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Response by poster: Great, thanks :)
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