Experiences acquiring pharmacist prescribed oral contraception in CA?
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As of last Friday pharmacists can prescribe the pill in California. Yay no waiting for a doctor's appointment! But where who how? I know I could call up a bunch of places, but I am curious about personal experiences, especially if you have attempted this starting a new prescription.
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Oregon has had the same law supposedly in effect since January 1st; I called multiple Walgreens pharmacies about it last month and only some had even heard of it. The ones who had said they thought they might have a program for it "sometime this summer" but that it wasn't possible to get BC without a prescription at Walgreens pharmacies in Oregon yet.
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Given the lack of google results (including Planned Parenthood!), I suspected as much.
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I asked about this at Planned Parenthood in January (I heard the news when the bill passed) and the nurse practitioner seeing me had not heard about this and had no information.
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The LA Times says Ralph's (in particular) has already been training employees in anticipation of the regulations coming down, but that nobody knew exactly when the regulations would be approved so not many chains are prepared to launch on day one. Other chains were waiting to see the full regulations before committing. So it may be a couple weeks before early adopters start up, and some other national chains may come on board this summer. (Because they'll have to do legal and regulatory compliance, update insurance, and train the staff, which all takes time.)

I would certainly call or e-mail corporate offices of chains near you and express your interest in the service, ask when they're rolling it out, and say that it will be your primary determinant in what pharmacy and drug store/grocery store you patronize.
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