Where can I watch V lutsah solntsa (Under the Sun)?
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V lutsah solntsa is a Russian movie about life and propaganda in North Korea. It's played at several festivals and has been reviewed many times, but I can't find it anywhere, on DVD or streaming. Does anyone know where I can find this movie?
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Trailer from Deckert Distribution, who don't seem to be distributing the film, yet. IDFA's Docs for Sale site lists the movie but the current "Sales remark" is " - "
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Best answer: This film will most likely be available on home video this fall. (I'd tell you how I know, but I don't want to blow my cover!)
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Furthermore, if you're in the US, watch for US theatrical screening dates in June and beyond.
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The transliteration used in the post is a bit odd, so for anyone who might want to search, the actual Russian title is «В лучах солнца» [In the rays of the sun], and the normal transliteration would be V luchakh solntsa.
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