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I'll be accompanying a group of college students to a conference in New Orleans later in the week, and we're looking at going out to dinner Thursday night. Where should we go? We need somewhere on the cheaper side, maybe $15 max for entrees, with cheaper options available if they just want something small. Easy access from canal or the convention center area, and easy seating for around 12.

They'll have other time for meals on their own, so it's okay if this isn't cuisine authentic to New Orleans, as long as it's yummy and local. A few years back I think we did a small pizza place in the quarter, but it was a coworker's favorite and I'm not sure where exactly it was.
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Beyonce likes Gene's PO-boys
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Parkway Bakery.
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Tacos and Tequila
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Saucy's BBQ was where my college trip went
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If I were in that area and not concerned with getting something that specifically screamed out New Orleans then I would 100% be at Company Burger. It's hard to describe just how ... transcendent ... their burgers are.

I mean I'm a guy who was never like a Burger Guy or anything. I don't go around rating burgers. I don't even order them on the regular.

Company Burger changed my life.

anyway if not that then ... uh ... man. I don't know where else I'd go in that area. Johnny Sanchez, maybe, though I haven't been yet and can't personally vouch for it. Or Domenica is delicious and won't break the bank.
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Best answer: Cochon Butcher is a fantastic sandwich place that fits your criteria.
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Ooh, yes, seconding the idea of Butcher.
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If you're going Po-Boys, get Parkway. Yummmmmm. However you'd need to take a cab or streetcar from convention area.

I personally do not get the appeal of Company Burger. It was such a big deal when it opened, but, eh. If you want amazing, gut-busting burgers, go to Port of Call. It's on the other side of the Quarter.

I'll do some more thinking.
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I haven't had Cochon Butcher, but their sister restaurant is amazing so I'm sure it's delish as stated above!
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Response by poster: So we ended up at a wood-fired pizza place that was near there. It was tasty, although our larger party seemed a little overwhelming to them (even after we were clear we were on one check). We were happy to be able to eat outside since it rained most of the rest of the trip. Before I left for home, though, I stopped at Butcher so I could try it myself. The Moroccan spiced lamb sandwich was about the best sandwich I've ever had. :D
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