How to find a roommate in Washington DC/ Maryland area- online tips
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Hi HiveMind! My landlord is moving his son into my unit (I am month to month). Now I have to quickly move. In Boston, while in grad school, I always posted on our student page. I have posted to craig's list, but no real luck. Any tips for me? thanks!
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You'll probably do better answering craigslists postings than making them; usually the person who has the apartment/house and is looking to add a roommate is the the one making the post.
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Response by poster: Oh sorry, I have an apartment, I am trying to FIND a roommate, not the other way around.
is there a website? thanks!
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Craigslist is still probably the best way to go. Take a hard look at your ad: Is it thorough and descriptive? overly brief? Overly wordy? Any unusual conditions or requirements? Is the price reasonable? Are there pictures?
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In DC, I've always gotten roommates through craigslist. The other way to find student roommates would be to email the admissions staff of graduate or professional schools in DC and ask if they have housing postings for admitted students.
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