Where can I view a massive display of Christmas light pageantry in L.A.?
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Where can I view a massive display of Christmas light pageantry in L.A.?

We're new to L.A. and have guests in town for Christmas. Every town I've lived in always has one neighborhood that goes buck-wild at Christmas and creates a spectacle with Christmas lights. Does this neighborhood exist in Los Angeles?
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There's always the Light Festival in Griffith Park.
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It's crazy there in Griffith Park -- like miles and miles of traffic to see the show. I lived a quarter mile away from Griffith Park for five years and never went. It is supposed to be rather amazing, though. I know there's a famous street in San Marino -- I'll ask my mother and get back to you.
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another thing to do is head downtown to pershing square and go ice skating, and experience the novelty of ice skating in 70°F weather.
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My family and I would always drive around Pacific Palisades. Right off of Sunset, in the neighboorhood between Chautauqua and Temescal Canyon. I'd say try Pacific Palisades or Beverly Hills.
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Much less an "event," with much more of a kid-friendly, small-town vibe is Candy Cane Lane in El Segundo. Officially runs only thru 12/23. (Street is closed to traffic; park nearby on Imperial or Sepulveda and walk.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the great suggestions! Griffith Park sounds cool, and I'd definitely like to explore more of the neighborhood type displays that might exist where groups of homes close off their block... something akin to Candy Cane Lane it seems.
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There's another Candy Cane Lane out in Woodland Hills in the SF Valley if you're out this way. Not closed to traffic - you drive through, but it is pretty spectacular and a lot of fun.
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I believe it's possible to walk through the Griffith Park display, if you don't mind breathing car exhaust.
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Christmas Tree Lane in Altadena.
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Incessant, that's St. Alban's Rd. in San Marino that you're probably thinking about.
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I went to this year's Light Festival at Griffith Park and was underwhelmed. Some displays are cool, but most don't look very professional... you could build the same display in your front yard if you were so inclined. Most of it is sponsored by the water and power company. If there had been real corporate sponsors, I think it would have been more impressive.

Since we went several weeks ago at 5 PM when there was no traffic, it really wasn't a big deal. If we'd waited in line for an hour or more, I would've thought it was a big waste of time. So, if you do go to Griffith Park go EARLY to avoid the lines. Also, be sure to be in the left lane for better viewing.
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I love the Candy Cane Lane in the Valley. Some real creative stuff, and you can dawdle along the streets.
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