Buying an American Rock N Play for use in Germany
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I want to buy an American Rock N Play (baby bouncer) that has a plug. Will it work here if I use a travel adaptor, or will it start smoking and explode? I copied this info from the manual "Requires an AC adaptor (input 120 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60Hz, with an output of 8 VDC) for operation (included)"

Alternatively, is it possible to buy a continental adapter for this machine? Thank you for your help, as you can see this stuff is very difficult for me!
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Best answer: I think you should be fine -- the included AC adapter works with 240VAC at 50Hz, which is what you should be getting in Europe. You may need a passive plug adapter (to convert from euro to US-style plugs), which you should be able to get cheap on Amazon, but you won't need any sort of active voltage converter or anything.
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Yep, Germany has 230V at 50Hz, this should work fine if you get a plug adapter that converts from the American plug to the European two-prong version.
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