Weekly/Monthly Planner Needed--must be landscape/horizontal-oriented
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I'm trying to find a weekly/monthly planner that flips on top--so your calendar has a landscape/horizontal view. This Muji Planner Kraft Desk Schedule is more or less what I'm looking for. But I just need to find something without the wire/steno binding that it has. My dogs have a thing for wire/steno binding so I don't need them deciding to play withy my planner. Thanks.
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MochiThings has a couple of horizontal ones, but with spiral bindings. Don't know if this is too small, but here's a cutesy horizontally formatted pocket calendar.
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I have this on my desk. It's not really a planner in that the sheets are meant to be thrown away each month and there is no cover. I realize this isn't exactly what you're looking for, but might be useful.
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Can you print out a planner layout you like? If so, would comb binding still attract the pups? Comb binding is cheap and it would lay flat. Any Kinkos type store could comb bind pages for you for less than 5 bucks. If comb binding wouldn't work with the dogs then strip binding is another option, but that will not lay flat.
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I was looking for more or less the same thing. I bought this and I'm pretty happy with it (although I'd prefer sturdier covers so it doesn't get squished in my handbag - I added some cardstock to the covers to fix this although the proper solution would be not cramming tons of stuff into my handbag).
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Maybe the DAYZ planner?

Or the Moleskine Panoramic Planner?
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