Looking for my favorite barber's new gig
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I used to get great haircuts from a barber named Yollanda in Brooklyn. She worked at Badlands Salon in Park Slope, but when I called them up last week, they told me she no longer works there, and they obviously have no incentive to tell me where she's working now. I'd love to track her down— she's the best and I wish we had exchanged contact info! All I know is that she's originally from Jamaica, and lives near Atlantic Terminal. Anyone know her and where she's cutting hair right now?
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and they obviously have no incentive to tell me where she's working now.

Just to clarify, did you actually ask the Salon if they knew where she was working now or have her contact info? I've followed my barber to a number of places and the salons usually were happy to provide the info.
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The best way to get this info is to go into the salon in person, and ask someone, and if they say they don't know, ask someone else, etc. until they tell you her info in order to get you to go away.

They might kick you out, but I doubt it. Also you're more likely to get a receptionist, shampoo girl, or similar who doesn't care much if you get Yolanda's info.

If this is insanely inconvenient, I would suggest searching Yelp periodically for her first name. Sometimes they pop up in different salons as people reference them in their reviews (and usually they ask clients to post reviews of them specifically, meaning they reference their names.)
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Could you look her up on Facebook? She might have changed her job listing there, or you could friend her and ask directly.
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Try messaging these people on Yelp.
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Could this be her Yelp profile? You could try messaging her, although the profile looks to be inactive.
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Okay, my Google-fu is strong today. Check your MeMail.
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Your barber has to keep the state informed of her new location of practice. Have you checked for her with the state's licensing agency?
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