Where was this scene from the film "Abre los ojos" filmed?
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I´d like to know exactly where the crash scene was filmed in the film "Abre los ojos". YouTube video provided inside.

Here is a link to the scene in question.

I´d like to know exactly where the crash scene is filmed. I know (guess) that it was filmed in Madrid but pinning it down to the exact street/neighbourhood would be ideal.

I´m particularly referring to the scene of the crash around 2:40 in the YouTube video.

Thank you!
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Best answer: "When he accepts a lift from the desperate girl he knows as Nuria (Najwa Nimri), she suicidally drives the car off the road a little south of Ronde del Sur at Entrevias." Movielocations
Movie map
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Best answer: possibe google street view given the above.

edit: or maybe a bit further round the bend (and it's ronda not ronde).
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