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Seeking recommendations for a dentist in Vancouver, BC!

This is a follow-up to my somewhat poor experience with my current dentist -- I was originally planning on sticking with them for a few more months, but I found out they were actually over-charging me based on my insurance and they were dragging their feet on fixing the situation, and that was the last straw (finally).

Priorities (other than general level of care, which I assume would be decent for anyone who is being recommended):

- Good communication (especially on the admin side): I am way more anxious about navigating the financial side of things than actually being in the dentists' chair, so admin staff who are able to patiently walk me through everything are A++.
- Location: transit-accessible, preferably in Kits or Downtown core
- Accepting patients immediately (I was supposed to book a few more fillings with my old dentist before I bailed)
- Part of the Pacific Blue Cross network (nice but not necessary: I get an extra 20% off)

Things that are irrelevant to me: orthodontics, cosmetic dentistry, amalgam vs composite fillings.

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I can highly recommend Dr. Kevin Gee in Yaletown. He is friendly, gentle, polite, funny, his admins are consistently awesome, he will take on the task of navigating your insurance if he needs to... on and on.

I have real dental phobia, Dr. Gee was recommended to me by a friend about 10 years ago, he is the first dentist I have ever been able to stick with, he honestly cares about how I feel, what my anxiety level is, etc.

Sorry if this is a gush, he's worth it.

(also, his office is just him and one assistant, I find this a very calming setting)
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Marinaside Dental is quite good (right across from Yaletown Roundhouse station).

to address your priorities:

-my wife's plan is similar to yours and if you discuss with them they can even split the visits (if follow ups are necessary) to the next benefit year. They were quite accommodating for her that way.

-if you can get to a Canada Line station, they are a crosswalk away

-not sure but you can always give them a call

-not sure where to find this info
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My wife is really happy with her dentist, Dr. Diane Bird in Kits on Broadway by Macdonald. ( I have a different dentist but wouldn't recommend based on your priorities. )

According to her website, she is taking new patients. We go through our company insurance so not sure about your coverage.
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We're very happy with Dr. Janice Brennan. Her office is on West Broadway near Heather.
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My dentist is Fifth Avenue in Kits. They've been great, I've been going there for about 10 years, I've never had any problems with coverage or treatment.
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My partner and I have been going to Dean Wershler's office on Davie for over a decade. Great people, no upsell culture, etc.

The only negative for some is that you pay up front and get reimbursed (they still put it through electronically so reimbursement comes in a day or two). I just see it as more Visa points.
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I go to Arbutus North Dental on 4th west of Burrard. They give you a treatment plan after the first visit with written recommendations for work, and they will discuss with you the options for doing the work at various price points. They will also help you prioritize so you can spread the work across years. The financials were handled very well.
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I really like Dr. Sidhu at Alma Dental (4th and Alma). I recently went to the dentist after YEARS of not going, and everyone there was so kind. No shaming at all, clearly walking me through everything they need to get done before, during and after all the steps. I also have a problem tooth I need to deal with, and they've clearly laid out all the different options and all the different price points. They've also been totally understanding that it's a decision I need to take my time with, so there hasn't been any pressure. It's been a very positive experience, which I kind of wasn't expecting after my long dental hiatus.
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Response by poster: Thanks, everyone! I will take all of your recommendations into consideration when choosing -- obviously I can't follow every suggestion, but nevertheless it's quite reassuring to hear that all of you are happy with your dentists. :)
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