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I am in need of a replica of the Lionel Richie clay bust from the "Hello" video. You know the one.

As I need it to be durable, portable, and lightweight if possible, clay is not an option. I thought 3D printing would be the way but I can't find a file. I plan on using it as a tip jar. Any ideas on how to find one or print one?
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You could get a styrofoam wig form, and cover that with paper maché. And then when it's dry, rip out the styrofoam. Or use a balloon as the head and paper maché over that - you'd have to improvise a neck. The balloon would be easier to remove, of course.
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Well, I'm coming up blank as well. I wonder if you'd get anywhere by contacting customer service at Firebox to find the manufacturer of this no-longer-available chocolate Lionel head? I mean, at least they'd have a mold. Not sure where'd you go from there, though. But any company that makes a chocolate Lionel Richie head is a pretty kickass company, and perhaps they've fielded inquiries like yours before. I dunno.
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IIRC, the chocolate one was an April Fool's prank*.

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Expanding on MexicanYenta's wig form idea, is there perhaps some sort of synthetic modeling compound or moldable plastic that may be easier to work with than paper maché?
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Sculpey is a plasticized clay that can be hardened in your oven. They have a few variations.
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Styrofoam head, and oil based animator's clay in skin tone --- you can get from an art retailer like Blick artist materials. I made these for life drawing, and you should see the looks I get when I'm carrying a bag of heads around! The oil based clay takes quite a bit of warmth before it is reworkable.
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Paper clay or epoxy clay are pretty light and don't require an oven.
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So I contacted someone who makes perfect replicas of them. However, they are $350 a pop--well outside the budget for a tip jar.

After a trip[ to some craft stores and some online research on my DIY options, it look like Celluclay (paper clay) over a hollow plastic head like this may be my best bet.
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I cut this out of a solid block of styrofoam, and then added some details with something that sounds a lot like your Celluclay. Styrofoam is easy to cut and can also be sanded. Have fun!
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