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My workplace has a TV with upcoming events on it. The events are from a variety of sources. This is done super-manually right now. My boss wants that information available as a hard-copy newsletter now, with the events of the next week on it. And maybe other outputs like digital newsletter, or to social media accounts or via sms etc. This seems to me an ideal situation to have the info pulled into one source and then pushed out to many. What's a good process?

I have only really access to standard office programs on locked down machines and ideally I would like for more people than me to be able to input and output. I would love to be able to tag entries and then output certain tags in certain forums (like tag with insta to publish to insta). I am aware of being able to use ITTT for some of the publishing functionality especially, but am wondering more about the gathering and am feeling I am missing Yahoo Pipes quite a lot!

Would it be possible to use Outlook Calendar for this in some useful manner?
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If you're limited to Office apps I'd lean towards Excel or Access. This will keep the entries in a structured format that's easier to extract for use in other systems like whatever the TV is using, RSS feeds or something else for the web, sms, etc.

You could then even potentially auto-generate your newsletter using mail merge or a Word macro.
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Response by poster: Thats along the lines of what I was thinking (thanks for the response, i have some sort of askme curse), colleagues wouldn't use an excel,though, and I think dynamically pulling in from external sources would be tough which is where I got the idea of calendar from ...
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