Spa treatments with bonus pool access in Maui
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We are looking for recommendations for a day spa (potentially at a hotel, and preferably on the beach) in Maui, where the purchase of a spa treatment would also include access to the hotel's amenities (pool/sauna/private beach access, etc) at virtually no added cost.

To be clear -- we would not be staying at the hotel/resort/spa, etc -- just buying spa treatments.

My friend and I would like to make a day of it, and each buy a spa treatment at an upscale facility that comes with the added bonus of access to nice facilities. I know some hotels include this as part of the "spa experience" without tacking on extra fees (though we would be willing to pay something reasonable.)

Any recommendations would be much appreciated. Thanks!
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Best answer: The Montage at Kapalua Bay includes pool access with their spa treatments, I believe.

There aren't really private beaches on Maui, as far as I know -- Hawaii has an open beaches policy -- so it would be pool / sauna / etc access you'd be getting, not beach access which you can have just by finding the public parking lot near basically any hotel and walking in to the beach.
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Best answer: Yes, the Montage spa is fabulous and does include a pool as well as sauna, steam room, hot tub, cold rain shower, etc. They don't give you access to the main resort pools as far as I know (I've only used the spa when staying at the resort, but I'm 95% sure). The spa itself has a separate and very relaxing infinity pool. I consider myself a bit of a spa aficionado, and that's my favorite spa on the island. The spa at the Grand Wailea is great as well, and has more different kinds of showers and soaking baths and stuff to use, but I don't think they give you access to any kind of standard swimming pool.
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