H&R Block email gone astray. Ideas for how & why?
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I purchased tax software from the H&R Block web site. I've installed it, and it runs fine, but I was supposed to get a receipt with my authorization code. I've stimulated re-sends with no success. How can this happen?

This is not an immediate problem with installing and using the software because the authorization code is built it to my particular copy. It could become an issue if I have to install the software on some different computer in the future. More than that, it's a puzzle.

1. Original copy of the emailed receipt was never received.
2. Searching the website, I found a screen where you can enter your email address and have a new copy sent. This was also unsuccessful. I tried all of my email addresses in case I had entered the wrong one by mistake. Note: the web site does not give a "email not recognized" response.
3. I called their customer service number, and after the obligatory long & tedious wait, spoke to a representative. She verified the email address and "sent it again". Still not received.

I have search every trash and spam folder that I can find.

The only two explanations I can come with are that 1) something is misconfigured at H&R Block and the email isn't actually being sent, and 2) the email is getting trapped by some spam filter somewhere (but if this were true, wouldn't H&RB be having a systemic problem?).

Any insight?
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Have you contacted their customer service again?
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No clue what's happening, but my next attempt would be to change the email address in your profile to one of your alternate addresses, by a different provider. Then you'll at least be dealing with a different spam filter.
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I didn't see where it said who is handling your email. I have horrible problem with users attempting to mail sertain providers (coughs: rhymes with potmail and shoutlook). Many other mail providers (even some large and middling ISP's) pay said providers for mail scanning which doesn't help when people don't understand about MX records.

Further to your problems, at this time of year, there's many scam/spam emails impersonating tax companies.

I agree with aimedwander - first step is setup a new account with an entirely different provider (I have best luck personally with gmail, and they have a spam folder to check which might hold some potentially questionable mail. If your account is already with gmail, then obviously look for a different provider; I'd advise not the rhymed mentioned companies) and try changing your email account and then request a new copy of the email.

HR block might not necessarily know what's happen. I've definitely seen outside sources return 250: OK when receiving and email, and it's not received, nor in a spam folder.

If you absolutely don't want to try another email account, then you need to escalate this to your email provider. Let them know the time (and time zones) you were expecting the message, and call HR block to find the exact subject line that they used, and what the from address would be that they used to send the message. This along with your email address should be enough for a provider to say what happened to it (be aware that this will need to be escalated beyond the people who speak on phones, so don't expect immediate resolution).
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Response by poster: Answers:
1) I have not called customer service again. It was very annoying to do it the first time, and it's not vital to solve the problem. I thought the rep on the first call should have stayed on the line to see if the message was received, but she didn't.
2) I see no way to change the email address. I don't know if customer service would change it on a phone call.
3) My email is with Optimum which is my ISP, cable company, and phone company. They have a generally good reputation and I have no complaint about their service (except for prices; they are still a cable company).

I have discovered how to find the authorization code on the application. I don't actually need this email except that we usually keep a copy with the taxes. This likely is only a technical glitch of no real importance, and is at most a $35 problem. But it's an irritation, and added to the irritations of using the software, which have been increasing year by year, I may switch vendors for next year.
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