Salmon fishing in Alaska
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We want to go salmon fishing in Alaska. We are roughly planning late June or early July. Have you done this before? Have any tips?

I'm leaning toward Homer because it seems like a funky sort of town, but we're not married to the idea.

Also, did you do a fly-in, a charter, just put a pole in the river?
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Best answer: My roommate is from Alaska and has fished for salmon there, so I just asked him briefly and he says that if you want to fish in the ocean, you should get a charter. He affirms that Homer is a cool, funky town. But he also said he would recommend getting a guide and fishing in the Chatanika river (which would be a different type of salmon). I found this guide when Googling, which might provide a place to start.
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Best answer: Yeah, there are charters in pretty much any community on the ocean that has accommodations for visitors, from the southern end of Southeast Alaska all the way around the rim of the Gulf of Alaska to Kodiak. In some places it is possible to ocean fish for salmon from land (i know of a local spot that is a cliff into deep-enough water; no beach), but really you’ll want to be on a boat. Spawning salmon undergo physiological changes that make them undesirable so you’d not want to be river fishing for them. People do go freshwater fishing for trout in some places.
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Best answer: Also, as far as i know Homer would be good, you might look at Sitka as well.
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Best answer: We also loved Cordova, which is a cool but very tiny town. Sitka is also nice, and has more variety as far as hotels, restaurants, etc.
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Best answer: I have fished twice out of Ketchikan and we were dropping lines minutes from the dock. We chartered with an outfitter named Baranoff Fishing Excursions, who I'd recommend for a day trip. If you want to fish for a week, get your own boat and gear from an outfitter who can provide a lot of advice. Halibut also are available, but are bottom fished, not trolled for like salmon.
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