What is this little antique thing
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Found this cleaning grandmother's house and am very curious to know what it is.

It's a little cylinder about two and a half inches high. One end is stamped "patent * remus" and the other end says American light company NY. The top end comes off to reveal a little candle. The other end comedic to reveal a little space. That end has a hole in the side , and if you close the bottom piece and rotate, you can have this hole open. On the top end the is a tab to push in against the smaller top cylinder that comes off to reveal the candle. Here is a video of opening it.
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I bet it's for carrying wooden matches.
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"Remus Automatic Candle"?
This is a new handy apparatus for carrying and lighting a small candle with convenience and safety. The case is of nickel plated metal having two parts. When required for use, the top part of the case is drawn smartly from the lower part, when the rough portion comes in contact with a small tape containing combustible matter opposite the wick of the candle. A slight explosion takes place, sufficient to convey a spark to the wick of the candle which ignites. When carried in the pocket this little apparatus is safe, as the tape cannot ignite without the rough surface the upper part of the case at B is brought sharply in contact with the tape. For Smokers this little Pocket Candle will be found very convenient and inexpensive.
See Google Books, Perry & co's monthly illustrated price current, Volume 14, January 1881
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Yes that's what it is.

Probably for camping.
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Response by poster: Matches would not fit as far as i can see. The bottom space is less than half inch high and the top part contains a fixed candle.
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Response by poster: So neat thank you
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