90s arcade space combat simulator
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I've got a memory from when I was 11 or 12 or so, around 1990-1993. An arcade game that was in the Sydney, Australia Miranda Fair Arcade. It was a space combat simulator. It was very immersive. You'd sit in a cockpit, and when the game started you'd be launched down a railgun-like entry system into a space battle.

One control stick I think.

Would've been around the time Street Fighter "New Challengers" came out, I remember playing with tokens as Cammy. The Xmen arcade game was there too.
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Could it be Space Lords?
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G-Loc 360?

There was also a space combat one we used to use in an arcade in Liverpool in the late 80s that had a hydraulic seat which buffeted you without going through 360 degrees, as you flew towards your target while fighting small ships, going through a meteor field, etc. I am struggling to remember the name, will let you know if it comes back to me.
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Best answer: Starblade - Wiki | Video
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Response by poster: Starblade - that's it!

Thanks PenDevil! Reliving it now via Youtube :)
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