Other Fire + Water events in US??
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MeFi, you've saved me in the past, asking you to come through again! I'm trying to find events very similar to WaterFire Providence, can be but does not have to be "art" project, but am looking for festivals that feature pylons in rivers, ponds, lakes, bayou on fire. Trying to set one up down here in Louisiana but not finding too much in the way of how to get started or if these events exist outside of Providence, RI and Sharon, PA (the only two places I found that host WaterFire events). Thank you!
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Not sure if it's exactly the thing you're looking for, but Lakes of Fire? I haven't been so I don't know how much is actually burned on the water.
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There's Ephemerisle, which is definitely a festival/art event on water, but I don't know how much gets set on fire.
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Lakes of Fire is a regional burn. I suspect that any pyrotechnic/firey art stuff that happens there is unlikely to be of the magnitude that OP is looking for.
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